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    What happened to higher bit rate choices in iTunes AAC files?

    I don't know when it happened but I recently discovered that the bit rate size of my AAC files now suck thanks to a change in iTunes! One use to be able to select what bit rate you converted your files at and select high quality (256 or 320) which by the way Apple is NOT 128 kbps! But now even...
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    Pausing a Song in iTunes - Jumping Back to the Beginning

    So I'm working in the latest version of iTunes, editing a playlist so there's no dead space at the end of each song. But every time when I pause a song with a only a few seconds remaining, it automatically jumps back to the very beginning of the song. Anyone know if Apple is fixing this new...
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    WRONG Album Art from a Different Song

    I own two iPod classics. My original one that is coming up on 3 or 4 years old recently started pulling up the wrong album art. It's not an everytime situation but it seems to be happening more and more. I'll be playing say Nelly - Hot in Herre but the album art work will be for Hey Good...
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    Video marked as such no longer appears in iTunes

    I have thousands of songs and numerous playlist in my iTunes/iPods. But tonight, thanks to some new software, I was able to convert a video for use in iTunes/iPods. So I add a music video into my iTunes, my first, and it goes into the Movies section by default. I right click on it, click on...
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    Sharing music with other users?

    We have a Mini Mac in the Studios lounge that has five different logins for the five different users of the lounge and mini mac. I loaded about 75 songs into my iTunes on the mini mac and marked the folder to share with others... but the others cannot access the tunes for their iTunes. Surely...
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    How do I back up my Playlist in correct order?

    I know how to back up my iTunes music files. I know how to use Share Pod. I know how to print in iTunes to create a viewable list on paper, of my playlists. What I don't know is how to back up my Playlist in the correct order. I have saved several playlists using Share Pod to my external...
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    Opinions sought on MP3 creating & AAC file sizes.

    Hey gang, new guy here looking for opinions on MP3 creation & AAC file sizes. First let me give you some background. I have seven years experience working with WAV files and about four years experience working with MP3 files. All of my music editing and CD burning is done with WAV files...