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    Sound Check in version

    I've checked Sound Check in version and also in my iPod (Settings>Playback>Sound Check), but there are some variations in playback that make some of the songs in my playlist either 1) too loud or 2) too soft. Does anyone know where individual song volume can be adjusted?
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    sync crisis -- need assistance

    Here are some of the events in the crisis: 1. iTunes opened -- I updated it. 2. I connected the Ipod to my Dell desktop 3. "Synchronizing" appeared in the display 4. "Completed" appeared in the display 5. iPod disconnected 6. Nothing is on iPod 7. Steps 2 to 6 repeated, this time with "Prevent...
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    a song with duplicates

    Does a song with duplicates in iTunes take up more space than a song without duplicates (in terms of the music itself, not just the text of the song name)? If so, can someone suggest a way to eliminate unnecessary duplicates in iTunes If a song has duplicates, does this mean that...
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    location of iTunes files

    I want to save iTunes files* that form one of my current playlists in iTunes. Can someone tell me the location of songs that form a playlist in iTunes? *not the playlist itself – but the actual song files!
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    creating a playlist in iTunes

    How does one arrange a sequence of songs in a playlist (iTunes I have tried left-clicking a song in a playlist, holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse in the direction I want the song to move -- without success.
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    iTunes scrambled the playlist

    iTunes scrambled the playlist I was setting up for a pool party. All the songs in the playlist are now in alphabetical order. Does anyone know if there is a way to order the songs to their previous sequence, which was the sequence I would like to use for the party.
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    playback sequence of iPod Fifth Generation

    The playback sequence of my iPod Fifth Generation seems random. It doesn't follow the sequence of the songs (the tunes) in iTunes and (without my selecting the "Shuffle" option) never follows the same sequence. Is there a setting that tells the iPod to follow the same playback sequence of the...
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    deleting "original files"

    Apple Help suggests the option of deleting the "original files" after copying iTunes (iTunes Library, iTunes Playlists, etc.) to an external hard drive. Can someone suggest where the "original files" can be found? My iTunes Music folder (Music> Users> Username> Music) has 38.3 GB in it and...
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    Genres, Artists, Albums

    At the top of my iTunes appear Genres, Artists, and Albums (see attachment). Can someone disclose how to get rid of (delete) Genres, Artists, and Albums? I don´t want Genres, Artists, Albums appearing at the top of the window.
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    XML does not show in File>Library>Import

    I'm trying to import a previous iTunes playlist from an external HD, and the XML does not show in File>Library>Import. ("All files" appears in the Import window.) Seven iTunes Music Library.xml files show in the same folder in File Explorer. Does anyone know why the xml files would not show...
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    iTunes display, version

    Not too long ago, I could view a library of all my songs by scrolling. After an reinstall of iTunes, I can't seem to do this. Can anyone say how to view the library of all songs? The attachment shows what I see after selecting View>Music.
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    window in iTunes that shows tracks of an import

    (1) I inserted a CD, (2) selected Import CD, and (3) clicked on (My) Music. Does the window that shows the tracks of an import then "disappear"? (I've already clicked on the View menu without seeing an entry for Imports or Import CD.) Version
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    search results: greyed out

    In my iTunes, the search results are greyed out after typing them in the search box. They are non-functional (one can't select them). Songs that appear in the search results do not appear in the music library (after searching for them alphabetically). I would like to be able to...
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    attempting to locate sync and apply buttons

    I'm using version 12.01.26 of iTunes and would like to sync my iPod 5th generation Nano to my iTunes. If someone can explain where the sync and also the apply buttons are in iTunes, when the iPod is connected, I would appreciate it.
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    no volume on iTunes

    Hi, all Out of the blue, there's no volume on my iTunes -- although the volume slider is set near the upper limit, and my YouTube videos have plenty of volume. The iTunes i use was downloaded today. If anyone has a relevant suggestion on restoring the volume to my iTunes, feel...
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    ¨linking" iTunes libraries and songs to iTunes

    My iTunes libraries display in their seemingly correct positions in File Explorer -- Music>iTunes>iTunes Music -- but not in iTunes -- and I consequently can't play them. Any help on "linking" my iTunes libraries and songs to iTunes would be appreciated. I have already imported my playlists...
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    enabling iTunes to find my Unknown Album

    iTunes can't find a song, Definition Address, that appears in iTunes, (see attachment) -- probably because I got a new computer and transferred iTunes to an external hard drive. I transferred the whole folder to iTunes, but iTunes can't find (and play) any song in my Unknown Album. Why...
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    iTunes cannot find the original song

    1. I bought a new Dell computer. 2. My iTunes songs were imported into iTunes . . . . 3. Yesterday I played some of the songs without problem. 4. Today I selected Show Duplicates and sent the duplicates to the Recycle Bin. 5. I tried to play several (about 6 or 7) songs and got the message...
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    iTunes adds triplicates of songs

    I (1) reformatted my computer and (2) selected Add Folder to Library in iTunes. iTunes added triplicates and now quadruplicates of some songs to my Library. I don't know why iTunes is adding extra copies of the songs. Should I just try to close out the conversion? Can someone disclose if...
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    playback orientation of video camera

    Can anyone say if there is an option to change the "playback orientation" from "portrait" to "landscape"? My playback in VLC 2.0.3 is rotated 90° from what I thought was recorded. I can rotate the playback 90° in VLC 2.0.3, but the images are distorted.