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    Switching ipod's default computer??

    I have recently purchased a new computer, and i now wish to use this one as my main ipod manager. However, i still need to connect my ipod to my old computer for external hard drive purposes. This causes a problem as my itunes library was accidentaly erased on the old computer, and the ipod...
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    Grouped with artwork? Or is it...

    has anyone else had the problem of the group with artwork feature moving every song in an album into "seperate" album headings? Ie. For the Album Friend or FOE?, by the Forces of Evil it groups every song as it it is a on a different album. but the album name and artwork are all the same? thanks...
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    Ipod TV out distortion?

    I've heard that when using an A/V cable to connect your ipod to a tv, the video on the tv is distorted because of the ipods screen size, Is this true?
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    What was the last update for?

    This has probably been asked a thousand times, but what exactly was that last update for? I can't seem to find anything that has changed on my ipod. Are there any new features that i am missing?
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    External battery Recomendations?

    It really Pis$es me off that all the greatness that my ipod delivers is limited by its battery life. I don't really have enough skill or the desire to make a homemade external battery. I'm also on a bit of a budget so what can you guys recommend to me that will work great and not break the band?
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    Is this itrip Worth fixing?

    My Friend recently gave me an iTrip because it was broken. I looked at myself but have no idea how to fix it. The problem with it is that the connector that plugs into the headphone port is broken complely off. I believe that all the pieces are here. I will try to get some pictures up. Is there...