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    Can't find where you specify if you want to use the hard drive for data

    The old version used to ask you (check box if memory serves). Can't find that option.
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    Can't find duplicates

    I had occasion to use this today (new version) but couldn't find that function.
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    Where is the count of number of tunes?

    It used to be right at the bottom of the list. Now, I can't find it (new version).
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    What is the iTUNES Media Folder?

    All my tunes are in a custom folder of my choosing. However, ia the Media Folder the default folder?
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    Pluggin in iPOD to PC does not start iTUNES

    Haven't used the iPOD in this way for years - but if memory serves, plugging in the iPOD would automatically start the sync process. How do I do that with the new version?
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    Lost my Playlists with New Version

    Fortunately, I have all my playlists on my iPOD. Anybody know how to transfer them to iTunes?
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    What is the best Normalizer for mp3 files?

    I've tried MP3Gain and it's pretty good - but it left a few of my 4,400 files un-normalized. I just tried MP3Doctor Pro2 and have experienced a lot of problems - especially, it freezes constantly. For whomever reads this posting, I'm looking for suggestions for a good (or the best) mp3...
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    How do I Unconsolidate my files

    At one time, I had iTunes Consolidate my tunes, Now all my files (over 4,000) are in over 2,000 folders. I want to normalize my files using a third party app. How do I UNCONSOLIDATE my files so I can place them in this app?
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    Need to recreate my iTunes Music 'Folder'

    I inadvertently moved every file in my Music folder out of iTunes and cannot retrieve it on my own. The list was 'clean' with no duplicates. Then, I downloaded and installed the latest version of iTunes. I have a complete backup of my entire system before I moved the files and before I...
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    Burning my iTunes onto a CD

    I would like to burn a lot if tunes to CD's. 1. How many should I expect on each CD? 2. Can I control the amount of pause between tunes? 3. Will they burn in a format that is recognizable by a car CD player? 4. I have the option on which is supposed to level the volume of every tune...
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    iTunes: Noor little pause between tunes

    In iTunes, there is an option to control the number of seconds between tunes. I have had many versions of iTunes - but that function has never worked. Any suggestions?
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    iTunes: How create CD's

    I have a playlist with about 400 tunes. I'd like to create a set of CD's that have all the tunes shuffled - but only record each tune once. Also, should I let iTunes perform the burns or use something else (Nero, etc.)?
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    iTunes: How separate tunes/files with a few seconds

    Been using iTunes for many years and have kept up with all the updates. However, somewhere along the way, my tunes started to run together when playing on my PC. Does anyone have an idea on how to correct this? Thanks.......
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    Want to upgrade my iPod if possible

    I was using what I think was a 4th generation iPod 40GB. I was pick pocketed on a plane and lost it. I have all my tunes backed up and I also use iTunes on my laptop. Can someone tell me what models make sense to upgrade to? I'm looking on eBay for something and thought it would be nice if I...
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    iPod can't play some MP3's

    Out of 2,000 MP3's I have on my iTunes, I find a few will play (on iTunes) but will just be skipped over on my iPod. The Title and artist will show momentarily - then skip to the next tune. Can this be fixed? What causes this?
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    MP3's don't play on iPod

    Out of 2,000 MP3's I have on my iTunes, I find a few will play (on iTunes) but will just be skipped over on my iPod. The Title and artist will show momentarily - then skip to the next tune. Can this be fixed? What causes this?
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    iPod software version 1.2

    Every time I load iTunes on my PC, I get a message that the above new software is available. This has been happening for months. When I click OK (or whatever), I get a progress bar which barely starts - then I get a message that the server is not available. What's going on? I've heard that...
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    Installation of iTunes Update

    Just downloaded iTunes 6.0.3. Can it be installed on top of my current iTunes? I don't want to lose my playlists. Thanks......
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    Organization of New Tunes

    I have about 2,500 tunes (files) in one folder which is, essentially, my "library." Each of these files have been run through MP3Gain and have all their metatags "corrected." By this, I mean they have the correct title and artist and genre. I just aquired about 200 new tunes. It's easy to...
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    Change Folders back to Files

    Using the Organization feature of iTunes, I inadvertently changed about 2,500 files in folders (for organization). Now, I don't like them like that. Is there a way to change the folders back to only files without doing it folder by folder? Thanks.......