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    Can I EQ Incoming Rip?

    If I'm ripping a cd, lossless, to itunes, can eq it so that I can send it to my ipod, eq'd? Reason is, I play my ipod thru my car stereo. I don't want to have to change eq settings on the stereo for every album.
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    Lossless Confusion...

    I have an iPod Classic 7th Gen feeding a car head unit. First, if I convert all of my library to Apple Lossless, will it transfer to my iPod as Lossless? Second, if iTunes does that, will my iPod then play out as Lossless or do I have to change a setting in the iPod to do so?
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    How To Stop Windows Live Messages????

    All of a sudden, I'm getting text messages from Windows Live on my 3G and I don't know how to stop it! I'm getting about 2 or 3 per hour. How do I stop it, please?
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    Problem With The Fame...

    I imported The Fame from the CD. I then created a playlist, then synced my iPhone. I ended up with Lady Gaga listed twice in Artists. The second Artist had Just Dance and Starstruck only. The first Lady Gaga had the rest of the songs. I went back to itunes and set all Artist and Album names...
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    CD Import Makes Tracks Into Albums...

    :confused:When I imported my Futuresex CD into iTunes, several of the tracks ended up as separate albums in my Music Library, rather than all the tracks in one Futuresex album. What did I do wrong? By the way, I'm using Apple Lossless to import. As a result, when I synced my iPhone, there were...