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    Current Best way to obtain Album Covers?

    I mean if iTunes' (v11) built-in tool doesn't do the job, can't find. Unfortunately iTunes 11 does a straight search and so if you didn't have a rip from a real CD, iTunes is not going to find a cover. 50% of my rips are DVD videos, to audio mp3, so... Is there a third-party public Album...
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    Bio: Jobs furious about Android.

    From the upcoming authorized bio: Eric Schmidt on Apple board 2003-2006 (knows everything Apple does), iPhone announced 2007. Google makes Android, Jobs sues Google. Boy, gotta be careful picking ur friends.
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    IGenius - this Sunday Discovery

    Jobs special 10/16 20:00 Discovery Channel.
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    Best and Saddest Cartoon Today

    Jobs: iQuit.
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    The documentary MacHeads is on CNBC now.
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    QuickTip: International Travel
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    Reyzero's iPhone unclocks the car comes true!

    Here ya go Rey. Most likely though, when it becomes available for your car, u are going to be paying for it.
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    David Pogue's Walkthrough on upgrading$ to the 3GS with AT&T.
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    Third Parties MP3 Players + iTunes

    Palm's Pre Synchronizes with iTunes. Now many of us are here because we like/use iTunes, whether it's iPod hardware or third party hardware, well I say SELL ME! So I am not married to the iPod hardware, I just like the seamless integration of iTunes. This is your chance to tell us your...
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    Recommend a Mac hardware forum

    Please link to a high-traffic, Mac hardware forum. Also a Mac media center / Home theater one. TIA
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    tviaudio Ad

    Wow, that ad makes me want to be a concert promoter. The string of pro speakers hanging down the ceiling is male red meat!
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    Finally a Verizon iPhone?

    Can't believe the hotest topic of the day is not discussed here. Here's a LINK.
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    The Hi Phone

    The Hi Phone. Sum1 ppl don't mind fakes.
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    Apple Notebooks with 1,000 cycles Batts

    Hey Apple advertises their new Notebooks has having 1,000 charge cycle capability (normally 400-500 life cycles). Did sumbody invent a new chemical lion formulation or Apple invent a new intelligent charger?
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    Vote for Best-Looking Earbuds

    Ignoring sound quality, what earbuds would u be proud to wear, if they could change the driver inside?
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    Want a MODERN In-The-Air-Tonight

    Phil Collin's In The Air Tonight has got to be on everyone's classic list. It played fine on my old equipment but since I got honest-to-God-subwoofers, the drumworks after the crescendo just don't do justice. I need Phil to re-record this thing with 21th century bass to move my subs. Or one of...
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    Any Windows Admins here?

    I need to re-install XP on my laptop wih NO CD drive from scratch. I can floppy Network boot and talk to my Win2003 server, however booting this way means whatever am INSTALLing from has got to run in DOS real mode and WANTS my C: to be FAT. My C: is NTFS What I need to do is to remotely (from...
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    4Ur Amusement: Adult behaving like Child or Remember, next time this may be u and famous (if that's what u want) :D
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    TIP: Configuring WIFI Channel

    Performance Tweak at your HOME only. If u notice (or didn't), WIFI uses channels 1 thru 11. Most people just leave the Access Point at its default channel and that mostly works. BUT... ideally u wanto avoid collisions with your neighbour's Access Points. Find out what channels your neibours...
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    Rumour: $99 iPhone!