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    YamiPod or SharePod?

    I'm seeing YamiPod recommend, but I'm also seeing a lot of complaints online about YamiPod having crashed and corrupted the iPod Library. Should I switch from SharePod?
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    iTunes/EvilLyrics upgrade incompatibilities?

    I'm running iTunes 4.6.0, and am considering upgrading to the latest release. Does that break EvilLyrics? thanks in advance adrian
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    iPod vs. Rio Karma (andtheotherstooIguess): Fight!

    I'm a happy owner of a 3g-40, patiently awaiting the 4g-60. I have a friend considering an MP3 player purchase. She has eliminated the iPod Mini because of limited capacity; the Creative and the Dell based on limited functionality; and the iRiver based on her strong visceral antipathy to the...
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    MusicMobs and large databases

    I have collection of approximately 15k songs, I forget how many exactly; my xml database is 19 MB. How can I extract a subset of that data- five and four-star songs only, for example- for upload to MusicMobs? thanks in advance...
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    Text output of currently playing song

    mPlugin supposedly does this, but it just crashes my system. Besides, I'm not interested in the Mac-lookalike skinning and the other functions. Basically I'd like something like this for iTunes... Any alternatives?
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    My software experiences

    I'm not sure how much of this will be redundancy, but I'm hoping that this can help both some of the newbies like myself and some of the more experienced folks who may have forgotten what it is like to be new and groping. Apps rated out of a possible five stars. Ratings are personal and...
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    Is there a small, simple file browser for iPod? EvilDude?

    What I'm thinking of is this: a small app to be kept on my 64 MB USB drive, so that I can simply plug in the USB drive, plug in the iPod, run the app off the USB drive, and mount the iPod as the humungous portable drive that it is. Is there anything like this out there already? If not, anyone...
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    Palm Addresses -> iPod

    What's the best way? I see that the FAQ recommends a free Stand Alone conduit- where can I get it?
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    Plaintext "now playing" output (Windows)

    Yes, I searched the forum. Yes, I see that mPlugin supposedly does this, but it just crashes my system. Any alternatives?
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    I'm in! (almost)

    Hi, everyone- I hope that I'm posting this in the right place, but it's meant more as an introduction than anything else, so I'm hoping that it will be OK. I'm a longstanding music fanatic who is eagerly looking forward to getting his hands on a shiny new iPod- ordered, but not yet delivered...
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    Bidirectional syncing?

    I've been reading some older forum threads, and they have given me the impression that ratings do not sync both ways between iTunes and the iPod under Windows. Is this true? One major point of my admiration for the iPod was the bidirectional ratings syncing, which with smart playlists makes...
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    Which PCI 6-pin firewire card?

    I'm finally buying an iPod. I'm running Windows 2000, and need a firewire card . I've decided to get a 6-pin one so that I have at least the option of charging the iPod via the computer. Which one shall I get? Is the Belkin one offered on a 6-pin one, and is it recommended...
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    dealing with iTunes orphans

    What's the best way of dealing with tracks which have been moved or deleted, but which remain in the iTunes database with an exclamation point next to them? Thanks in advance...