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    iPod Classic: Increase SD size or look elsewhere?

    Hi all, I have a iPod Classic 6th gen, whose HD I have replaced with an iFlash Quad setup. Recently, the iPod started to display some weird behaviour: Only play about 30 seconds to a minute of a song before skipping to the next Would only play a reduced selection of songs on a playlist (could...
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    Mixed In Key - "Refreshing" Comments Field

    Hi All, Had a search through some sites and this forum but haven't been able to pinpoint an answer. I have a big-ish library (around 50k) and I also do some DJing work. I recently purchased Mixed In Key to help give me BPMs and the Key of all my songs. This is great, however... It places this...
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    iTunes library no longer fits on my iPod

    Hello all, My library is currently 28,400 songs. This is greater than the capacity of my ipod. I have unchecked many songs (duplicates, 1/5 and 2/5 stars, etc) which lowers my library to 14,551 songs; which totals 76.51 GB. This fits on to my 120 GB iPod classic. I have many smart playlists...
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    Top40 Countdown

    Hi All, I've had a search through the forum, this has come up in the smart playlists discussion, but wasn't sufficiently answered. What I'm trying to do is to create a top40 countdown playlist. 1. Only 40 songs 2. With the most plays IN THE LAST WEEK Seems pretty simple? Well I'm stuck...
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    100 Top played smartlist only has 97 songs?

    This is weird... I have a playlist that on iTunes that has 100 songs (100 most played), but my iPod only has 97 of those songs? I have no idea why??!! I use autosync and all the songs are selected to sync and there are no "!" next to any of the songs? EDIT: Just re-synced it and now there are...
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    "Last Played" date the same for each song?

    Hi all, I have had this problem for a while now. About 6 months ago, I noticed that the "last played" date for each song that had been played in my library was stuck on 27/6/2010. It updates the time of day correctly, but the date is stuck. Now, on this day, I'm not sure what happened, but I...