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    "Not added" in iTunes

    Hi, I've pasted an AAC file into "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder but it landed in a "Not added" folder. Is there any way to find out why?
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    Two versions of iTunes on one PC

    Hi, Is it possible to have two versions of iTunes on one PC (and using just one of them [with its respective library] at a time)?
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    ITUNES 12 unable to handle audiobooks in MP3.

    Hi everyone, A few seconds before the end of any MP3 audiobook file (lasting less than 20 mins), the playback time in iTunes stops, even though the file still plays. In iPod (5th Gen), MP3's last few seconds are cut off before they actually end... The problem started with an iTunes upgrade from...
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    Skip to the next track in iTunes 10

    Skip to the next unchecked track in iTunes 10 Hi All, How do I skip to the next unchecked track in iTunes 10 (Win8.1)?
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    Re-organising iTunes Music folder

    Hello I re-organised my iTunes music folder yesterday (Preferences > Advanced tab) and in result my old iTunes Music folder exists with all the old folders. The only difference is that the files have been transferred to a new Music folder, and the old iTunes Music folder now contains the folders...
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    Tracks disappearing in other libraries

    Hello, Tracks re-added in one library disappear in other back-up libraries although they still exist in their respective directories. I recently re-added one of my tracks in my "main library", so it changed its "date added" information. But when I tried to find the same track in a different...
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    Adding a file to library

    Now every time I add a file to library, the list of artists in the little window "Add To Library" is in the order from Z to A. When I right-click on the window and select "Arrange icons by name", it re-arranges them in the correct order (from A to Z). When I'm adding the next file to the...
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    New media library

    What's the use of new media library in iTunes if changing the file's media kind (eg. from "music" to "podcast") doesn't change its location in Windows Explorer? You still have to transer it to the appropriate folder manually....
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    Changing media kind and Windows Explorer

    Does changing the file's media kind from "Music" to "Podcast" changes its location in Windows Explorer automatically?
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    Automatically adding to iTunes

    Hi Everyone, Sometimes, when I automatically add tracks to Music Library, the list in this library goes down highlighting a newly added track. Sometimes it doesn't. How can I make it move down every time I automatically add a track to the list? I really helps expecially when you have a lot of...
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    Syncing with missing files - no error message

    There's a track in my Music Library who's original file is missing (exclamation mark next to it). When I sync iPod there's no error message about the missing file and when the sync is complete the track in question still plays OK on ipod. Once I used to get error messages that tracks couldn't be...
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    "Add To Library" list in reverse order

    Every time I add songs to iTunes library, the list of artists in a "Add To Library" window shows in reverse order (Z-A). Is there any way to get it right (A-Z)?
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    Hi! I downloaded some music into ipod and it's there but some of the artists' names are missing in the ARTISTS LIST. Why?