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    InvisibleShield for 3G Nano? Experiences/comments?

    Has anyone tried the full body InvisibleShield for the new nano?
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    Question about sizing of Shure e2c soft flex sleeves

    I have a pair of Shure e2c with only the foam and hard clear sleeves. Are the soft flex sleeves equal in size to the sleeves for the Sony MDR-EX 51/71? How does sizing for the e2c soft flex sleeves compare with the original hard clear sleeves that came with the earphones?
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    Wiping iTunes and iPod updater from my computer

    How do I go about wiping iTunes and iPod updater from my system completely? iTunes is constantly freezing up now and I have tried reinstalling/repairing but to no avail.
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    My iTunes rant

    Nothing bugs the hell out of me more than when I'm trying to copy over music to my iPod and iTunes freezes or something. I have to open Task Manager and end task. Then, iTunes will not detect the iPod anymore, and I am left to restore iPod, reinstall iTunes again and iPod updater. ARGH! Anyone...
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    Help please! Firmware update failure. Disk write Error.

    Well I just got that yellow bubble that told me to perform chkdsk and before checking up on iPodlounge for what to do, I decided to restore my iPod. But when I click on restore, I get this message "Firmware update failure. Disk write Error." I read that you can use 3.0.1 to restore or something...
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    AAC vs mp3?

    AAC 128 vs mp3 128? mp3 file is bigger I think, does that mean it's higher quality? Is mp3 more compatible than m4a files? What are the benefits of using m4a besides being able to store more songs on your iPod?
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    Sound Check Volume Issue

    Is it typical for Sound Check to decrease the volume of all songs significantly? Is there a standard volume created once I turn on Sound Check for the first time and it scans all the, then current, songs in my library? Does Sound Check just decrease the volume of all songs to equal that of the...
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    Songs I Import off CD's stored on the Comp?

    Are the songs I import from my CDs stored on the computer? Taking up hard drive space? If so, where?
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    Someone help me share my libraries?

    Let me start by saying I'm using Windows XP. I've authorized both computers that are on a LAN and I've allowed them to share and search for shared computers or whatnot. What am I missing?
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    Authorization Questions

    First off, how do you authorize a computer? Do I just login to my iTunes ID and it instantly authorizes? Since I can only authorize 5 computers, does that mean there is a maximum of 5 computers I can have authorized at one time? Meaning I can deauthorize one and reauthorize another with the...
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    HELP! Question about the E2c ultra-soft flex sleeves

    Would you say the medium ultra-soft flex sleeve is in-between the small and medium flex sleeve size-wise? I want to order some but I'm not sure which size I need.
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    Help! My iPod resets when I turn it on!

    Is it normal for the iPod to reset (start up with the apple logo), when I turn it on after 2-3 days of no use?
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    How exactly does iTrip work?

    I'm getting that you can listen to the radio on it? And it's supposed to be able to play your iPod through radio stations? How exactly does the iTrip work. It is so popular yet I am in the dark on how it functions. Could someone please explain how you play it through a radio or whatever.
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    A question for ALL iSkin eVo2 users!

    Does the screen protector/iShade cause scratching to the iPod where the rubber contacts touch, minor abrasions to the white and possibly the screen? Or is this just because my iPod photo is not FULLY compatable with the iSkin 40GB?
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    FS: iSkin eVo2 40GB Arctic

    Used for 2 weeks with great care. No problems with the silicon and the screen protector has minor light scratches (inevitable with casual use no matter how careful). Never used the belt clip. I'm selling it because I just don't like the lint problem. I found myself constantly removing the lint...
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    What is unknown error code (-50)?

    What does this code mean when a song will not download in the middle of the download?
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    Stupid messed up downloading

    I downloaded a free album, one of those dumb free essentials.. well kind of downloaded, i stopped it half way. I redeemed a pepsi free downlaod and started on downloading a song. Half way into the download there was an error so I went and checked for incomplete downloads. It starts downloading...
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    Let me get this straight..

    Plugging my iPod directly into the dock when the dock is NOT connected to computer or plugged into the wall WILL NOT discharge?
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    5G iPod

    When is this supposed to come out? Any ideas on what is going to be new? What do you think this will retail at? How do they surpass the iPod photo already?!
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    HELP! My screen stays at Do Not Disconnect

    I originally had my iPod set to automatically update every time I put it in the dock, but I switched it to manual the other day and I know you have to manually disconnect before you take out the iPod. I decided to switch back to automatic but now whenever it updates, it still constantly flashes...