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    iphone shuts off

    hi guys, i recently got an unlocked iphone 2g 8gb version, and it works great. the only problem i have is, occasionally it shuts off by itself, dont know whats going on. this happend to me twice today, i mean i have it on standby in my pocket, i then removed it from my pocket, and its completely...
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    shure e3c not working?

    hi guys, quick question, today when i used my shure e3c earphones i noticed the left earphone is not having hardly any sound, the right side is working great. i dont see any breakage, is there a fix for this, or is that the end of my earphones? the left side, very very faint sound is coming out...
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    itunes card for new apps

    i have an ipod touch, and i upgraded to the 1.1.3 version, I was wondering if I could use my itunes gift card which has $25 in it, towards the applications packet, or is the only way to get it is with teh credit card?
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    Connecting ipod thru cd possiblity?

    Hi guys, Im new to this section of the forum. I got a 05 honda civic lx, and i wanted to know if i can listen to songs from the ipod thru the cd insert in the car. It doesn't have a cassette player, so cannot use the cassette adapter, my question is is there a cd adapter of some sort, or is...
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    ipod not recongnized by pc

    hi, I have connected my ipod to the pc, and the pc sees it as mass storage device, and says the hardware is installed and working, but btoh my updater and itunes does not recognize my ipod. I uninstalled both the softwares using your uninstaller 2006, and reinstalled again, still no go. i treid...
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    nano song bitrate?

    HI guys, I am posting in this in this forum, even though this could concern to other ipods. This is a question on song conversion. I recently got ipod nano, and I want to put as much songs as possible on it, someone suggested that I convert all my songs to 96kpbs aac. I was wondering how do I do...
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    photo on ipod & pc help

    Is it possible to upload pics to my ipod photo, and delete them on my computer. Will it check if those pics are on my computer, and if not erase the pics on my ipod, I have itunes on manual update.
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    nano stopwatch data

    is there anyway to erase old stopwatch data that is stored on the ipod?
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    nano for exercise

    I recently got a nano 2gb, and I was wondering If i could use it when I am running, I have it in a contour isee case, and will it be allright to keep it in my pocket, and run.
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    good Ipod nano cases?

    Hi guys, I got a new ipod nano 2gb, and I am not using it too much until I get a good case for it, that protects it well, thats all I am asking. I liked contour showcase for 4g ipods, so I was wondering is the contour isee nano any good at protecting the ipod from damage and scratches. I would...
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    one more nano case question/

    Hi guys, I got a free Ipod nano yesterday that I won at a draw. Now, I want to get a good case for it. I am thinking between Contour Isee Nano, or Iskin duo for Nano. Could someone tell me which one is better as far as protection, thats the main thing, and prevents scratches on the nano. thanks.
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    Question about Joint Stereo?

    Hi, recently i converted all my audio files to joint stereo 128kbps lame mp3, and sent it to my ipod. after that, i feel the battery charge of the ipod is reduced. do you guys think joint stereo uses up more battery charge? and also how many times in a week do you guys charge your ipod?
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    ipod photo and ipod agent help?

    Hi, I wanted to transfer some of songs from my Ipod Photo to my pc. So, I used Ipod Agent and I transferred a few albums to my pc desktop. Then when I looked at the songs, all the title of the songs are messed up, they only have alphabets. llike CSQU, DRDM etc. Is there anyway to accurately...
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    what podcast have you subscribed to?

    What podcasts have you guys subscribed to? i couldn't any good ones.
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    question about firewire in laptop?

    Hi, I have a fujitsu laptop, and when I plugin my iPod photo, it takes long time to transfer, then I found out I have usb 1.1 not 2.0. But I think i have firewire in the front, but i have never seen a firewire cable, and are there different types of firewire, how can i find out if my laptop can...
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    help with unknown error problem in my ipod.

    help with album art problem on my ipod photo. I got my first problem today with my ipod photo. I wasn't able to find some of the album art on my ipod for the songs. So, i connected the ipod to my pc, under itunes, i unchecked album art, and then ok. then went back, and checked album art, and...
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    probable ipod video

    I was looking at google news, and came across this news. i came across this,2125,67749,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1 the guy says that ipod video is on the works.
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    Contourshowcase New Website

    Check out the new designed website of contour designs. lThe best case for your ipods. I wish they had more colors of 4G showcase besides black and white.
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    software to transfer songs back to pc?

    hi, i would like to transfer all the songs that are on my ipod photo to my new pc, with the album art for the albums. Can someone recommend a free software to do this? thank you.
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    Will Brasso work on case?

    will brasso work on contour showcase front, and back? i dont have any scratches on my ipod, its just on the contour showcase front and back, and when i put the case on, its hard to see the ipod screen clearly, so wondering if brasso will help remove all the scratches on the contour showcase...