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  1. JMG

    What happened to this place?

    It used to be pretty busy here, but I've returned after months and months (maybe even a year?) and it's a ghost town. I was going to gloat how right I was that the 5G ipod glossy front SUCKED and everything should be that aluminum (which they are now, thanks for listening apple). And I love...
  2. JMG

    How do I erase all my info off the iphone?

    I just sold my 3G and I want to jailbreak and unlock it as well as erase all my personal info from it. So far I think I have to restore to factory, jailbreak using redsnow, then unlock with ultrasnow. At this point I heard you can restore to factory again and the jailbreak will dissappear...
  3. JMG

    For those with the POWER SUPPORT AIR JACKET

    Has the case scratched your iphone at all? I've heard of the edge causing scratches on the sides. I'm looking to get one instead of the incipio feather since it's already at the apple store. Also, how easy does the case itself get scratched. Is it more or less scratch resistant than the...
  4. JMG

    Looking for a case I don't have to remove to dock

    I'm looking for a case that I don't have to remove to dock in my car. It's not the same thing as the apple dock, where the dock completely hugs the bottom of the iphone, its basically just a dock connector sticking out of a flat surface. Here's a google pic: Here's a pic of my cradle and my...
  5. JMG

    How do I turn off AUTOPLAY?

    Whenever I plug my iphone into my car or speaker dock it starts playing automatically. I find this very annoying, especially if I just want to charge my phone and NOT listen to music. There has to be a way to disable this, if not than what a serious design flaw.
  6. JMG

    JAILBREAKING THE IPHONE - noob questions for the scared

    I've been an iPhone user for quite awhile now but I am thinking of jailbreaking BUT I have a few issues that concern me: 1) I sync to my Macbook Pro laptop which has my contacts. Will I be able to sync to it after I jailbreak? 2) Will my purchased content like music and apps that are...
  7. JMG

    Contacts - Disaster waiting to happen

    Lets say the laptop I sync my iphone to gets destroyed/stolen whatever. For me, the most important thing on my iphone is the contacts. Without them, the iphone is ####. If I resync to a new itunes on a new computer, won't my contacts disappear? I guess I could live with never syncing...
  8. JMG

    Sorting songs in a playlist

    Sorting songs in a playlist.. BUG FIXED!! I ran into a strange bug recently. I currently manage my iphone manually. When I add songs to my iphone by dragging it to the iphone icon it transfers fine. But the smart playlist I created on the iphone automatically adds the song to the top of the...
  9. JMG

    Phonesaber is coming back! yay for the nerds

    nerds like me!! "The Phonesaber, an iphone app that utilizes the iphones motion sensing capabilites to simulate the sounds of a Lightsaber was pulled from the itunes app store not too long ago, apparently at the request of...
  10. JMG

    EARTHQUAKE just hit us...

    in Los Angeles Haven't felt that in years.
  11. JMG

    iPod Classic in an Audi S4

    One of my main goals was to get something semi-integrated with little to no wires. Ideally just ONE wire that will both charge my ipod and send clean audio to my NAV/Radio unit. I didn't want a separate wire to go to my cigarette lighter or anything, as it adds clutter and wires. I wanted it...
  12. JMG

    okay how much longer do I have to wait!?

    I've been wanting an iphone since it was released, but I was waiting for more storage space. With the 16gb now available I am thisclose to buying one except for the EDGE internet connection. It's still EDGE right? I know that probably no one knows for sure when 3G iPhone is coming out so I...
  13. JMG

    Two problems with the Power Support Crystal Film: Removal and Responsivness

    I got the Power Support Crystal film for my 160gb Classic, and the screen protector and back went on PERFECTLY. It looks great too. BUT I have a problem with the clickwheel film. It looks like it has a rainbow finish, which isn't too bad but the responsiveness of the wheel is close to zero...
  14. JMG

    Power Support Crystal Film for the Classic

    I had a Martin Fields on my old 5G and it was FANTASTIC, but it looks like they don't make anything for the ipod classic. Anyone have experience with the Power Support Crystal Film? One concern I have is that I'm not very good at applying these things and I usually get lint in there. With the...
  15. JMG

    Anyone NOT use a case on their classic?

    If so have you noticed that it scratches easily?
  16. JMG

    How scratch resistent is your ipod classic?

    I just got the 160gb Classic to replace my 60gb 5g and now I am looking at screen protection. On my 5g all I had was a Martin Fields overlay for the front and back (no clickwheel protection). The Martin Fields can protect the entire front since the film goes over the screen AND body. THe new...
  17. JMG

    Why is itunes syncing 1500 songs everyime I plug my ipod in?

    I plugged my ipod in twice today. Each time I had to sync 1500+ songs even though I only added artwork to maybe 100 of them between syncs. What's up with that? :mad:
  18. JMG

    How do I re-install itunes?

    I want to downgrade itunes to v.6, but when I try to run in the installers it doesn't let me. The option is greyed out because it probably sees that I already have the latest version installed. Anyone know the proper method of doing this? The apple support site is useless because this is...
  19. JMG

    IPODRIP is no longer operational

    ipodrip basically let you transfer songs from your ipod to your computer, with ratings, tags and all. It let you know if your songs were already on itunes and made things very easy for those of us who have a secondary computer that they wanted to have a piece of their music library on. Well...
  20. JMG

    How do I make a playlist with recently rated songs?

    Basically I want to see the songs that have been rated or changed rating recently. I initially setup a smart playist for ranked songs with a modified date within the last month, but apparently changing the rating on a song does not modify it. Anyone have any other methods/suggestions that...