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    is the power adapter needed to use keyboard?

    I ordered my iPad and the Keyboard dock. But I wonder, should I have ordered the 10W USB Power to be able to use the keyboard dock? I want to be able to use the keyboard to type when I am away from my computer.
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    Book-style Leather iPad case sightings

    Just ordered my iPad, and I'm already looking for a nice book-cover style leather case, similar to the ones made for the Nook. So far, I've only seen one here: It would be great if people could post links to any others they find.
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    Pass-through in JoinTogether no longer working?

    I haven't used Join Together for awhile because the last version wasn't working for me, but I recently tried 5.2.1. The "pass-through" option doesn't seem to work on any of the AAC files I tried to join (all have the same bit rate and sample rate). Is anyone else having this problem?
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    best headphones for travel, student on budget

    My son is flying to Europe and I would like to get him some headphones for travel. They need to be compact enough to stow in a backpack. I am also on a very limited budget and would prefer not to spend more than $100. Recommendatations, anyone?
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    Agent 18 case bad feedback

    Well, I have to say I've had the Agent 18 case for only a few weeks and the belt clip has already broken! I am NOT happy, since I bought this mainly because of the belt clip. I have not abused it or been hard on it in any way! I just took if off my belt and saw that the clip had broken. I...
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    which case is flush on bottom to allow attachments?

    My other post didn't get any replies, so I made the title broader. ( What I'm looking for is a case (with belt clip) that is flat on the bottom to allow attachments (like a voice recorder) . Many of the pictures and reviews i've looked at don't...
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    case to use with Nano + iTalk voice recorder?

    I got an iTalk Pro to use with my 4G Nano, but now I want to get a belt clip for the Nano. Is there a clip or case that will still allow the iTalk to be connected?
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    will video ipos play home-ripped audiobooks?

    I'm trying to decide between buying a Nano or 30 gb video ipod. The tech specs say the Nano plays M4A & M4B, but it doesn't mention those formats for the video ipod. I have a lot of audiobooks I've ripped from cd's in these formats. Does anyone know if I will be able to play these on a video...
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    Quick Mac how-to: Audiobook CDs to Bookmarkable AAC

    I see so many repeated questions from Mac users about how to make bookmarkable files from CD's, I thought it would help to post these "quick & dirty" instructions. The in-depth audiobook instructions elsewhere on this forum are very good, but geared to PC users--read those for more details...
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    helping others- automatically post OS/version?

    It would be easier to help people if their OS/version was posted automatically along with their user name whenever they posted a question. It gets to be a drag to have to keep asking "are you using a Mac or PC, what OS?" every time someone posts a question. Can the forum be set up to grab this...
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    opinions on icebuds or tunebuds for Shuffle?

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I accidentally damaged the earbuds on my Shuffle while housecleaning (don't ask), and I just found out Apple doesn't sell replacement earbuds! :( I liked the sound quality with those earbuds, and I can't afford an expensive...
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    hearing loss & volume control on ipod Shuffle

    I read the article on hearing loss, but it left me with a few questions: Is there any way to “limit the volume” on an iPod Shuffle? Also, if you limit the volume of a song in the iTunes library, does that override the manual volume control button if you turn it up all the way on the iPod?
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    "Time out" error with "Join and Chapterize"

    When using "Join and Chapterize" (3.01), I keep getting this error message: "Apple Event Timed Out" It usually appears after the "chapterize" step. Anyone else getting this error or know what causes it? (iTunes 6, OS 10.4.3)
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    best adapter for car w/o cassette deck?

    What' s the best car adapter for a Shuffle? (no cassette player in my car)
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    books in iTunes 6 library- weird behavior

    I've noticed some weird behavior in how books appear in the library in iTunes 6. I ripped some books from library CD's to AAC files, and used the "Make Bookmarkable script". In iTunes 5.0, these appear in the "Audiobooks" menubar>"Books & Spoken." All well and good. Then I upgraded to iTunes 6...
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    Bookmarks not working on Shuffle after syncing

    I'm not sure if I should post this question here or in the Audiobooks or iTunes forum. I've converted some Audiobooks from library CD's, using the "Selected Tracks Bookmarkable" script. It keeps my place on my ipod Shuffle UNTIL I sync my Shuffle. Then it loses the place. I've read that...
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    extended warranty worth it for Shuffle?

    I've only had my Shuffle less than 90 days, but I'm wondering if it's worth it to get the extended warranty for the Shuffle. The $59 price seems a little high compared to the Shuffle's purchase price. Have others had enough issues with their shuffles to make it worth getting?
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    navigate to last song/book on playlist?

    I think I remember reading somewhere that you can navigate to the last song on the playlist in the Shuffle, by using 3 clicks to first go to the top of the list then clicking the "previous track" arrow. But I can't get it to work on my Shuffle. If I go to the top of the list, then click the...