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    June 29th...Its Yours!

    Who's camping out?!
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    Computer Network Help?

    Hey I was hoping some of you smart computer people could help me out on setting up a home network. I have two computers a desktop running Windows XP and a older laptop running Windows 2000. I bought a linksys router which I thought was all I needed. Right now I have my desktop running through...
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    Does anyone buy Multi-pass?

    For TV shows like Daily Show, the Soup, etc.? I have one for the Soup which is a great deal...6 dollars for 8 episodes...anyway it works all well and good but it takes forever for them to let me download it Yesterday the 4/20/2007 episode was up all day and I wasn't able to download it until...
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    Apple's Leopard delayed to October, iPhone blamed

    Thought it was noteworthy Well shucks this means I'll just have to go ahead and get a macbook now :p Engadget Link
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    +++Positive+++ for onlycodered

    Seller kept in touch and sent product immediately, thanks for the transaction. Definitely would purchase products from this guy!
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    Buy a mac get an ipod?

    I remember a few years ago they had this special you think they would ever do it again given the popularity of both products? I wish they would but I wouldn't hold my breath...opinions?
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    Possible tobreak one long "song" into many different ones?

    I downloaded the KEXP podcast of the Beirut performance at SXSW in mp3 form but its 57 minutes long...I wondered if it was possible in iTunes to create multiple songs from this one file. I've kinda done this before by going to options and then start and stop time but that only chops the end of...
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    Making Playlist Icons

    This may be more general than iTunes but I was wondering how you make playlist icons in iTunes. I guess a .m3u file that when you click it it opens up the playlist in iTunes and plays the files. I made a mixtape for someone and thought it would be nice to include a playlist file as well...I know...
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    Headphone Cases

    Any good cases out there for my Bose headphones? I'd like to travel with them but don't want to break them. How do you guys take your headphones along...i mean the over ear types not IEMs.
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    Favorite EPs

    I'm not sure if this would go here or in reccomendations but if it doesn't belong here please move! :p Anyway just wondering what are some great EPs. I've been getting into these alot more lately because they are cheaper and don't use nearly as many emusic credits :p . Any EPs you really...
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    looking for a website...

    i went to a website a while ago that you put in an artist and it would show your other bands similar to was like a tree system somewhat with different directions to go...i think i heard about it here and it was something like liquid plasma (i may be way off) but if you know what i'm...
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    Removing songs from both library and hard drive?

    I've searched high and low for this answer but have yet to come up with a solution. I want it to ask me if I want to 'move to recycle bin' or 'keep files' whenever I delete something from the library. It used to ask me and since i recently cleaned out itunes it doesn't ask me anymore it just...
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    Where is my interactive booklet?!

    Bought 'The Crane Wife' disc but didn't get the interactive booklet...just wondering if they are stored somewhere else or they should show up in my library...I did buy it the morning it came out so they may have added it later...
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    You guys should really check this site out if you want to discover new music that sounds like some of your current favorites. You enter your favorite band and it will suggest similar music. Its a great way to find new bands you never would have come across. Its free to register and use plus you...
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    Updating ipod with firewire?

    is it possible to use the firewire ac adapter to add and delete songs from my new puppy chewed through my usb and i'm trying to save money on buying a new one so can i just use the firewire cord to update my ipod?
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    cheapest place to buy apple usb connector

    my dog thought it tasted delicious so now i cant update wher is the cheapest place to buy a new one...they're twenty bucks on the apple store...ebay is full of crap just wondering if you guys know a better place to buy one...thanks :)
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    smart playlist shuffling on ipod?

    i know how to make a smart playlist but how can it shuffle ...example...i want all my coldplay stuff on a playlist but i want it to shuffle not play in order of albums...any ideas? i did a smart playlist with artist contains coldplay