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    Question about advanced Multi-Segment Smart Playlist System

    After reading a PDF document posted here regarding advanced smart playlist ideas, I implemented my own system. I have 42 Smart Playlists that picks up songs from my library. They range from things like songs rated 4* or higher within the last 10 CDs I bought, 5* songs, never listened to songs...
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    Playlist Folders on 5G iPod... Here's a trick to do it.

    Having 292 Playlists on my iPod, I've been wishing for Playlist Folders since before it was implemented in iTunes. And when it was, I used it but was dissappointed that it would not propagate to the iPod. Then less than a week ago it hit me... The iPod Notes Feature!!!!!! Using the iPod...
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    Selectively Syncing TV Shows.

    I have a few TV Series/Shows in my iTunes Library and they are all synced to my iPod. When my iPod is connected, if I go in the TV Shows tab, I can choose to sync them all, sync only unwatched, last 10 etc but the option to only sync selected shows where I could check/uncheck certain shows is...
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    Batt. life when watching vid on iPod vs TV Out

    Hi, I recently upgraded to a 5.5G 80 Gig iPod and have been putting my favorite movies on it. The specs say that the iPod can last 6.5 hours for Video Playback vs 20 hours for audio. Now knowing that the main reason why it lasts less is because the screen is always on when you are watching a...
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    Can't access iPod, can't refprmat it.

    I'm trying to help my sister with her Shuffle here, when she first tried to load music on it, it crashed after 15 songs (Since she didn't let it charge first) Now, I installed the updater to do a restore, it took a good 5 minutes before the updater even found the iPod and told me that it needed...
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    Where can I buy another set of stock headphones?

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. While at first I didn't like them (Never liked bud-type earphones) I recently gave them a try as a then temporary solution until I find better headphones since I started to get irritated by my old one's sound quality. Say what you...
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    RSS Link?

    I just downloaded an RSS Reader today and I cannot get a working RSS Link for iLounge. The only links that I found are JavaScript codes that give error messages. What is the URL of the XML file that I can paste in my RSS Reader to add iLounge?
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    Replacing Songs in iTunes for different bitrate versions.

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Just like I posted about in This Thread I will soon have to reencode my music to ~128 kbps once I run out of space. But in the mean time, having plenty of space, I decided to encode my most recent purchases to lossless. I noticed...
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    VBR AAC (dBPowerAmp) vs LAME MP3 vs. iTunes AAC

    Since I keep all the CDs I borrow from the library or from my sisters as FLAC files, and that iTunes does not support FLAC, I downloaded dBPowerAmps's AAC Codec to do some tests... First of all, we all know that iTunes AAC Encoder is only CBR which is why LAME MP3 can usually beat AAC at the...
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    Replacement Swivel Clips

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I'm asking this about my PDA actually, but I know some iPod cases use those as well so maybe I can get an answer here. The Hard Case I am using for my PDA has a little round pin on the back that fits into a small black clip that...
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    Non Square Album Art (Observations)

    I have on my iPod Avril Lavigne's My World live EP which came with a DVD in a DVD Keepcase. When I scanned the artwork, I ended up with a rectagular picture. So as usual, I resized it to ???x140 before adding it to ID3 Tags. Now, to my big surprise, when a track played, I was expecting the...
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    Changing Date Added of songs.

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Is there a way to manually change the Date Added of songs? As of now, all my songs were added in the last 2 weeks and I would like to set them to the day I purchased each albums so that I can make meaningful smart playlists for...
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    iPod only works in certain USB Ports.

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. On the front of my PC, I have 2 USB Ports. They are both USB 2.0 and powered so I know that is not the problem. Now, only 1 or the 2 works fine. If I plug the iPod in the other one (That is easier to physically connect something...
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    Click wheel temporarly freezes.

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Yesterday I decided to go take a nice big walk around the neighborhood with my new iPod. It was rather cold but still within the iPod's operating temp range (3'C, 0'C with Wind Chill) had a sweater and coat on. The iPod was most of...
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    Adding Artwork in iTunes.

    Just got my iPod Photo yesterday, imported the bulk of my collection, and now I started putting artwork in. Is there an easy way in iTunes, to know which one I haven't put artwork yet without having to select each tracks separatly.
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    New iPod Photo, won't be recognized by Windows nor Updater

    Hi, just got my 30GB iPod Photo today, after fully charging it (Using the Wall Adapter) then arranging all my music in iTunes I plugged it into my computer. Windows "Found new hardware" etc, then the Do Not Disconnect message appeared, Since it came with the the 1.0 version, I downloaded the...
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    Remove Belt Clip from iSkin.

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Did a search here, at and RTFM that came with the iSkin and didn't see how to do this. How do I remove the beltclip that is attached to the iSkin? I plan to put my iPod in my pocket most of the time (Might eventually get...
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    iPod vs iPod Photo (Battery / Buffer related)

    I've been rethinking lately about whether or not I should go for an iPod Photo 30GB instead of a G4 iPod 20GB. Sure a color screen is nice, the fonts seem better on the photo one and the ability to show cover art would be nice, but I do not plan to load photos on it so now what is starting to...
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    iPod's notoriety...

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Funny how the iPod has reached a status where even someone who knows nothing about Computers or MP3 Players, knows what an iPod is and what it looks like. The MP3 Player I currently own is the Frontier Labs NexIA (Note, I'm not...