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    Ipod thinks its charging all the time.

    My 60gig 5g ipod always thinks it's plugged into a power source. When I turn it off it turns right back on with a "charged" Indicator. The battery meter just shows a plug with a full battery behind it so I can't tell how much I have left. I've tried resetting, restoring and running in...
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    Charging icons wont go away

    Yes i've searched. Came up with nothing. If a thread already exists then I appologize. After I updated my 5g with the 1.2 updater I've been having some problems with the Battery Indicators. I cant see the battery life anymore in the top right, its replaced by the "charged" icon after i unplug...
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    ipod nano forums access

    Could yall make a ipod nano link under the forums radio button? Its no biggie but itd be nice accessing the nano forums from the home page.
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    Iskin Nano!

    Check it out, iSkin is coming out with a nano skin. It looks expensive but nice as hell
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    What to buy with 50$ class action money

    I had an old 3g and I'm entitled for the 50$ credit (coming by the 30th) I have the ipod nano now and was wondering, Should i buy new headphones or use the reg. ones with the ear jams (already own) What will yall spend with the $$$
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    playing ipod through dock while conected to computer

    I bought my overpriced ipod dock :eek: a few weeks ago. I was extremly upset :o when i figured out you cant play anything through line out when the ipod says "ok to disconnect" or " do not disconnect" Since i have a double cable ( one that goes to the computer and another to the charger, it...
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    Ipodonut, worth the money?

    There was a link at the top of ipod lounge one day for this nifty little device called the ipodonut I clicked on the link and it seemed pretty cool. I was debating weather or not to buy one. Has anyone else bought it?
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    I cant find a cheap Ipod dock!

    I have a 3g ipod. and I'd like a dock. I dont really want to dish out 30-40$ for an overpriced apple dock. I cant find any dock's that are under 30$ I cant find any docks at all that apple doesnt make. I hate buying used stuff. If anyone can find an off-brand cheap ipod dock, Could you please...