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    JBL On Stage II Speaker Universal Power Adapter

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Can anybody confirm whether JBL On Stage II Speaker comes with a Universal Power Adapter or just 110V (or 230V) Power Adapter. The speaker being classified as a great portable/travel speaker, I am wondering why they do not ship a...
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    iPod Nano 200GB - any takers ?
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    Does Nano support live updating

    Does the Nano support Live Updating of song details like last played time, playcount etc on the iPod without having to sync with iTunes. The iPod Updater 2005-06-26 took away this great feature from the bigger cousins. More info on:
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    How to copy only Smart Playlists from one PC to another

    I have iTunes running on 3 PCs, only one of them is sync'ed to the iPod. I want to be able to copy only the Smartplaylists between machines. I mean instead of having to re-create the Smartlaylists, is there a way to copy them from one machine to another. jk
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    Re-discovering your music collection - The Smart Playlist Way

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I use the Smart Playlists extensively. Use the comment field to add more descriptive information and use the Smart Playlists to create real radio show effect. Now, recently I added a Smart Playlist with a condition (among other...
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    Using both iTunes and Ephpod with same iPod

    Has anyone tried using both iTunes and Ephpod with the same iPod. My requirement is this, I have iTunes installed in my desktop (bigger hard disk) and Ephpod installed in my laptop. Occassionally I want to be able to add tracks to my iPod using my laptop using Ephpod. From the descriptions...
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    Mutiple artist names for a single track

    Has anybody figured out how to specify mutiple artist names in a single track so that the Artists list does not contain "ArtistA & ArtistB" kind of entries? Does this work at all in the iPod/iTunes? example: I have tracks with following artists: track1->ArtistA track2->ArtsitB...