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    Are you on Tapatalk anymore?

    I just joined a message board that required the Tapatalk app. I seem to remember awhile back i messaged this board with Tapatalk. But now i dont know to pull you up on Tapatalk.
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    Amazon problems (on app and Safari)

    i noticed when i use Amazon on my ipad rather the app or the Safari browser. Theres a problem with the graphics. most of the times when i click on an item to view, its unresponsive then when i repeatedly click it, the page magnifies. it happens alot. is that normal? is it a problem on Amazons...
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    Ipad lost sound (solved for now but dont know the cause)

    For some readon my ipad lost sound for awhile, no sound on youtube, facebook or music apps or site...NOTHING.. the speakers were out. I had to restart the ipad. that solved the problem but now im wondering what caused it??
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    wrong math on memory

    i went into setting because i had to update my pad and i found something peculier... and i went to ipad storage and it said 18.3 used. but i went up to about and it says 13.73 avialable. now according to the math, shouldnt that be 14.73?
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    How do I turn the snooze off the alarm on the iPad?

    This is my moms iPad. This is an alarm I set up for her for7am. Stating 2 days ago the alarm kept going off again 10 minutes later. I thought it may be the snooze alarm. The thing is I can not turn the snooze button off. I go into the clock Icon, go into “alarm” I can see where snooze is on...
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    Question about Apple desktops

    Is there an Apple desktop that has a Blu-ray/DVD drive with a CD ripper and has a keyboard and mouse that you can connect to a smartTV via HDMI?
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    Can you download a movie and put it on your pen drive?

    Ok... I lost half my ripped movies that were once on my pendrive because the aspect ratio didn’t fit the screen. Now I wondering, using iTunes, is it possible to download movies and put them on your pen drive and will they fit on the screen will if fill the screen normally? Will I be able to...
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    Question about Mac laptops (and MP4s ripped from DVDs)

    As I might’ve mentioned I hope someday I’ll return to the states from Mexico so I’m trying to downsize, one want is I ripped alot of my DVDs on MP4 digital format and put them on a pin drive. The problem is the aspect ratio is wrong for the screen whenever I p,ay on my computer with a VLC player...
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    I can’t make my LG remote control app recognize the TV

    Hi i just downloaded an LG webOS remote control all called LGee But unfortunately I can not make it recognize my TV. the tv is on and always connected to WiFi the same WiFi as my iPad so what is the problem? Why is it ignoring the TV?
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    External DVD/CD ripper will not play all my DVDs

    I just ordered a new external DVD/CD Ripper that will work on BOTH Mac and Windows. But I notice some a DVD are not being read or recognized and it’s not the disc because they play fine on an old region 1 player with no remote control. So why is the DVD being ignored? There no rhyme or reaso, it...
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    Remote mouse/keyboard app

    Lately I’ve been just a bit bedridden, injury. I was wondering if there is an app for my iPad that will work as a remote control mouse/keyboard thing for my computer that hooked up to my TV. They can maybe work with Bluetooth or something? Can it work with HP Windows like this one?
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    Netflix not updating my watched list or...

    This, for most part is just puzzling me. I wonder why that some of the movies I recently watch do not end up on my watched list. Not all but some. And it’s not that they’re no longer available, it’s just as if I never watched it...when I actually did. Is this just a random glitch?
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    I don’t know if it’s a safari problem or Facebook.

    I can not post more than one picture at a time on Facebook. I didn’t used to be that way.
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    Some sites will not remember your password....

    Even your saved your info and your password on your iPad and you click “remember my password“ it wont remember it. After you stay off the board for a long tIme. Can anyone explain why?
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    What happened to my Amazon on Safari?

    This is my American Amaxon but for some odd reason it’s in a different language. German, I guess? can anyone explain why this happened all of a sudden?
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    I reset my settings.

    How do I put back lock screen? The screen that prompt you to put in your 4 digit code before unlocking. I was advised to rest my settings when I told him that my music app was crashing.
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    Trying to download a digital copy of a movie but can’t

    It seems that living in México has some drawbacks. When I order an American Blu Ray and it has a digital copy. I can’t copy to Mexic... is there anyway to solve this proble? It says something about regesTeri g but there nowhere to’m at a loss
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    Why are most of the sites in Spanish?

    Is there a way I can make my iPod forget I’m in Mexic? I just found eBay and like the rest of the’s in Spanish... is there anyway to make my iPad forget that I’m in Mexico? I even had to change the default country from Mexico to the US.
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    Facebook will not load all the way on safari

    ...all other websites load fine. It’s just Facebook. The top half and first post will load but that little circle that swirls around it just stalls and does nothing.
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    App vs Safari

    I found if I just use safari for Facebook and YouTube where there are apps and not have the apps I would be saving some memory on my iPad. Because I like to store off line downloaded music on there like an iPod. Maybe I’ll get a new iPod one day after i move, I don’t know but for the time being...