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    Free Books

    FYI: iTunes has a list of free books for download here: Connecting to the iTunes Store.
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    Those of you who like rap music here is some songs by the group x-clan: XClan Firefox download helper.
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    FREE: The Remixes (First Collection) by P.R

    More free music. Click on the 'free download' link. The Remixes (First Collection) | P.R
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    Free Unreleased Album by Weekend Players

    The group uploaded these songs to this site 22 days ago. Glad I kept checking to see if I could find a copy of this album since it hadn't been released by them but some of the songs I found on YouTube I liked. Album the group uploaded here: Weekend Players's sounds on SoundCloud - Create...
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    SXSW - Free music

    iTunes has SXSW music as a free download of 21 songs in total: Connecting to the iTunes Store.
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    Free music Download from Target

    This link contains 14 free songs:
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    FoodNetwork show Chopped

    They have a commercial in in which they play this song I like. I just found the song here: Iras World - Music - Samael's Sentience : 09. It's Not Alright Feat.Sinima Artist: Iras CD: The Prilgrimage of Samuel Angel Album: Samael's Sentience: Track#: 09. Title: It's Not Alright ft. Sinima...
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    Album: Lounge Top 55

    These albums feature 55 songs and is being sold for $7.99USD at for volume 2 and volume 1 is on iTS for $10.99. It's a great buy. You can go and sample it. Both copies are in iTS but sells volume 2 a...
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    Wish List - Problem Removing TV Shows

    Has anyone had a problem removing TV Shows from their wish list in iTunes? I moved some shows into that list and now I can't access the 'X' and am unable to move or adjust the columns to click it. The word price at the top of the column isn't clickable. The help section in iTunes states: To...
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    Firefox Browser Problem

    The iLounge news page is not displaying the left side of the page that shows the black bars. Safari and IE are displaying them but not the lastest version of Firefox 3.5. The Apps and Game News shows up but none of the others. I've tried to fix it myself using the options and the FAQ's at...
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    Free Music from Dot Allison

    After viewing the movie 'Unleashed' starring Jet Li and Morgan Freeman I heard a song while the credits rolled that turned out it wasn't on the album soundtrack 'Unleashed' by Massive Attack. I spent hours looking for this song and who the artist was and finally found it. The song is: Title...
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    Limited Time Only Free & Reduced Price Apps

    The Stone of Destiny game is on sale for 99 cents today only at the App Stone. Here is a trailer and screen shots of the game: eWallet is on sale until Oct. 3rd for only $4.99. 1 Password is free for a limited time only.
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    Application Reviews

    Here is the link to a listing of the current application review articles called "iPhone Gems". These are reviews of a variety of applications that are for the iPhone as well as the iPod touch. iPhone Gems articles. These are some of the titles available so far: Games Archive iPhone Gems...
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    Permissions Removed on windows XP

    Hi! Need some advice as to how to regain access to XP. My access is completely broken & I think the culprit is Comodo. I'm unable to gain access to any software or even shut down the PC because I don't have permisssion. I'm using my iPhone to access the internet. I tried starting up in safe...
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    Free Amazon Song Downloads

    Thermal Bad - by The New Mastersounds Nobody Said That (It Would Be Easy) - by Dan Tyminski GfC - by albert Hammond Jr. Who's Going Home With You Tonight - by Trapt Free songs for download...
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    Are You Stupid

    Found this tidbit while using the dictionary. Thought it would be a bit of fun to take this test: Are You Stupid?
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    I purchased three episodes of Farscape and decided to check out how much the DVD's of each season was at Amazon and the prices are ridiculous. The complete seasons are priced at $80 and up. Are they joking with these prices for this program? This is the price for the complete first season...
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    iTunes Store Movie Rentals

    iTunes Store TERMS OF SALE iTunes Store movie rental usage rights
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    Apple iPhone $100 Credit Details

    Just in case you haven't seen this here are the details released by Apple pertaining to the iPhone credit. Apple Store Credit for Early Phone Owners If you bought your iPhone before August 22, you may be eligible for an instant $100 electronic credit toward the purchase of products at the...
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    iPhone Accessories Reviews

    See these links for updated information on iPhone accessories that will fit the iPhone. More updated reviews to come as more items are tested. Accessories by rating First iPhone accessory videos posted, more coming (updated) Official Apple Store iPhone accessories list