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  1. J

    Your South Park Self

    Thought this was pretty fun...:D Here's me (pretend the walkman is an iPod, of course :D):
  2. J

    Early model invisible cloak developed Definitely won't be for commerical use given what people would use it for, but it's still awesome. :D
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    iPod5gb - great seller

    Received the 10GB 3G iPod I bought from him today. Came packaged securely and the iPod was as described. Recommended - I would deal with again. -Jed
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    Joe Satriani - Super Colossal

    Having just bought Satch's latest album, I've given it a couple of listen throughs so far. Standout tracks for me right now are the title track, Ten Words, The Meaning Of Love, Theme For A Strange World and Crowd Chant. :D The whole album is very solid though, and I can definitely hear Satch...
  5. J

    Keo Sattelite FAQ is here Message form is here So basically you can write a message, and in 50,000 years, whoever's around then will be able to read it. What to write... "Zeppelin rules....!" [/Otto] :D
  6. J

    WTB: 3G iPod

    Hey, I'm after a 3G iPod, preferably a 15GB or 20GB model. Ideally located in Australia but if you're willing to ship worldwide I'll consider. I'm looking to pay no more than around $100AUD ($75USD). Must be in reasonable to good condition. Thanks
  7. J

    iPod Dock made from an iPod

    Thought this was pretty cool...
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    "Chords of Life" - Joe Satriani (looking for chords)

    Hey, I'm trying to find a set of chords for the Joe Satriani song "Chords of Life". I've found plenty of tabs for the lead guitar / solos, but I'm after the basic chords to the song. If anyone knows where to find them, that'd be great. Thanks
  9. J

    Syd Barrett dies aged 60

    From Truly a sad day in the rock world. Barrett's legacy will no doubt live on, but the music world has lost an icon. :(
  10. J

    Fastest Guitarist?

    In your opinion, who's the fastest guitarist you've ever heard? Michael Angelo Batio gets my vote - he's unbelievably fast. Other mentions go to Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and Eric Johnson.
  11. J

    Free Spyware Remover

    I'm fairly sure I've got spyware on my Windows XP Pro computer at work. What's the best freeware spyware remover? (the ones I've downloaded are shareware and don't work fully unless I pay, which I don't want to do). Thanks
  12. J

    Man hit with $218 Trillion Phone Bill And I thought my bills were high...:eek:
  13. J

    Xbox 360 Games

    Hey, I’ll be picking up my pre-ordered Xbox 360 next week on launch day (that’s right, the console hasn’t been released here in Australia yet :rolleyes: ) Anyway, I already have Perfect Dark Zero which came with the pre-order I got, but I was wondering what are some of the other good games...
  14. J

    Current Song to Adium MSN Display Name and Display Pic

    Now Playing to Adium Display Name Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows, or could make a script that will set the display name of an MSN account in Adium to the name of the song and artist currently playing in iTunes; and also change the MSN display pic to the album artwork of the current song...
  15. J

    Bjorn Lynne -- MIDI Compositions

    I've recently been listening to Bjorn Lynne, one of the "great" MIDI composers back in the days of the Amiga (and in more recent times). He's got a selection of pretty good MIDI pieces available for download here: I highly suggest you check them out.
  16. J

    Sony Ericsson T630

    I’ve got a Sony Ericsson T630, which is a Triband phone. I’m in Australia (my service provider is Virgin) and when I travel to the USA in April I assume that I will be able to use the phone over there, to make calls home and within the USA. Could someone confirm this or say if there’s something...
  17. J


    I recently picked up Santana's "All That I Am" upon recommendation of a friend. I like it, it's good music and has good rhythm. I was wondering what the best Santana albums are to get, as I'd like to get into some of his earlier stuff. If people could give suggestions, that'd be great. Thanks.
  18. J

    Joe Satriani

    It took awhile for me to pick up one of Satriani's albums, but after the first listen through I am addicted. :D I have "Surfing With The Alien", his second album. I can't believe how quick this guy is (songs like Crushing Day, etc). :D For those who're fans of his music- what is the next album...
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    iPod 5G with video -- Battery questions and links

    If you have any issues or questions about the battery of the iPod 5G with video, please take a moment to check these links first. They may have an answer to your question, and are a good source of information concerning topics such as the 5G iPod's battery life: iLounge's 5G Battery tests...
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    Best Zeppelin Acoustic

    Lately I've been listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin's acoustic songs, such as Tangerine, That's The Way, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, Going To California, Black Mountain side, and so on. I've come to the decision that right now, That's The Way is my favourite acoustic song (and probably in my top 5...