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    What's happened to downloading iTunes from Apple?

    So I do a search for iTunes because I wanted to download it and I keep getting directed to Microsoft's site. It appears that you have to download it from Microsoft now. What is up with that? And you gotta enter in some login info which I don't know if I have. Or is there somewhere else I can...
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    Not getting sound with this new iPod

    I'm not getting any sound with this new iPod. I have it hooked up to my AV Receiver. Using the same cord as I was with my 4th generation iPod. Have it hooked up to CD Input on my receiver. What's up?
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    I hope they make docking stations that fit these new iPods?

    I received my new Sixth Generation iPod earlier today and I noticed when looking at the bottom that there is a much smaller input. The older ones had a larger input that I could place right in my docking station. Why did they change this? So do they make docking stations to fit these newer iPods?
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    Can you keep the screen always on?

    You know when you choose an album to play on your iPod the screen shows the album cover for about a minute or so and then the screen goes totally black? I was wondering if there is a setting in there that will allow you to change it so the screen never goes black, but rather the screen always...
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    Tell me if the Sixth Generation models play smoothly (without stutter or gap)

    This pertains to listening to live albums. I just listened to Kiss Alive! and I can hear a fraction of a second stutter or gap between the first song and the second. I have the Fourth Generation version. Can anyone verify if the Sixth Generation models have corrected this issue?
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    Is there any way to stop that slight gap between songs that are live?

    I have been listening to Kiss Alive! and between two songs for example the first Deuce and the second Hotter Than Hell you can hear that iTunes is putting a little gap of silence between the two. I don't like that at all. Nope. I've been looking for something in Preferences that will allow...
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    Mine is an older version was wondering what I would gain by a newer model?

    I think I bought my iPod touch maybe 6 or so years ago. I was wondering if I would gain anything by buying a newer model?
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    Do any of the recent iPods have program play yet?

    I was wondering if any of the newer iPods have program play yet. I mean instead of having to make a playlist in order to listen to consecutive albums, has Apple built in a program feature where you can program continuous albums?
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    No continuous album play? Why?

    This is the one thing about the iPOD I don't like nor understand. No continuous play. With my CD Player I can insert any albums I want and hit play and the machine will go from album to album. It will continuously play them. Not on the iPOD. The only way to simulate that experience is to load...
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    America and her brains have gone soft

    Mobile devices everywhere. You walk into Walmart. The first thing you see is somebody staring at a zombie device. Walk into Target, the clinic, the hospital, a hardware store, a cafe, the bathroom, it doesn't matter where... All you see now is women staring at these zombie devices. They are...
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    How to tell iTunes not to do this?

    I want to add a whole bunch of songs to my Library and just have them show up in the songs part of iTunes. But the problem is that iTunes wants to take these songs and put them as individual albums in the album view. I don't want this. If I add say three songs: Children Of The Damned (Iron...
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    Equalizer enabled or not?

    When I click the View button and scroll down and tell iTunes to show my Equalizer the thing is on and my preset is there. But I noticed that when I play an album and click on a song and look at Get Info there is a small box that says Equalizer and it shows off. When I tick the box there is no...
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    Is there a way to get rid of Unknown Genre from showing?

    All of my albums in iTunes show this "Unknown Genre". Probably because I do not fill out that particular field when I tag my songs. I don't need all that. So iTunes always shows this "Unknown Genre". Was wondering if there is a way to disable this text?
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    How do I tell it to play 2 albums back to back?

    Let's say I want my iPod to play two Robin Trower albums one right after the other. Not schuffle. First I want to hear Robin Trower Live and then after that is done I want to hear For Earth Below. How do I tell my iPod to play like this? Or can't I?
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    Can you shut this alphabetical stuff off?

    When I first got my iPod it just simply showed all the albums one listed after the other on the screen. Now for some reason it wants to alphabetize them. It will show a gray bar with the letter A and then underneath that all albums that start with A. Same gray bar with the letter B and so forth...