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    Anybody had luck returning their scratched nano?

    Hi guys, I'm not normally one to be negative. I've been an iPod disciple since the very early days and the nano is my fourth iPod but quite frankly I am dismayed that after only a week of cosseted use it looks like a piece of crap. Lookign around I am not alone and you are probably all sick of...
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    Mulberry iPod case..

    Has anyone got one of these? I have seen it in a magazine and it looks great but so far no sign in the shops. Anyone?
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    Help..reformat has killed my iTunes database to recover from iPod?

    Hi Guys, I did a reformat of Windows last night foolishly without thinking about my iTunes info and on reloading it this morning I find of course that all my Playlists, rating etc are all gone. Of course they are still on my iPod. Any ideas how to recover this info?
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    iTunes pricing model unfair to UK customers.

    I hate to moan about an Apple intiative and especially something which Apple themselves have probably little say in but the simple truth is that the pricing on iTunes is simply a rip off to UK customers, as usual. What is the point in the internet and digital music , a world without physical...
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    Given weakness of dollar how can a UK resident best take advantage when buying MAC?

    I was just doing a comparison of the prices on Apple US store verses the UK store and even taking into account the 17.5% VAT that might be levied the arbitrage is astonishing due to the weakness of the dollar at the moment. If you take away the VAT we are talking about a 700 pound difference on...
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    Is there a site that allows legal downloads of MP3 in the UK?

    We all know that Itunes doesn't work in the UK yet, Allofmp3 still looks a bit dodgy until I am reassured otherwise. The MSN site only allows wma as far as I can see so is there anywhere to buy tracks legally to transfer to Ipod in the UK?
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    Any reason not to buy a 12" Powerbook?

    Since picking up my Ipod a year or so ago I have rediscovered Apple after a break of many many years and consequently am considering picking up a Powerbook. I used to have an apple way back when they were a single beige box with a monocrome screen and back then i thought it was the bee's knees...
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    Itrip beginning to trade at reasonable prices in UK

    Finally the price of the ITrip seems to be dropping in the UK where for the past few weeks it has been changing hands at up to ?80 on Ebay. In the last few days I have noticed the auction price gradually dropping with one changing hands at ?36 last night which is getting closer to the US price...
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    Is it possible to import Playlists?

    This is just an idea but I wondered whether it would be possible to import someone else's playlist, for example a playlist of the all time Top 100 Singles Chart. Most of the songs I will have on my Ipod but the thought of building the Playlist myself doesn't really appeal. I guess the problem...
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    Does CCBP ever work in ITunes? The slow transition to ITunes...

    I have been going through the painful transition from Win software to ITunes because I have an inkling that in the end it will be worth it. I am almost there now, though it has required the backing up of 20 Gigs of music, multiple installs, volume levelling and needless updating of Ipod...
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    Clearing Library in Itunes? Trying to like it..

    Ok in my quest to use and appreciate Itunes properly I made acopy of my Music directory on another drive. Uninstalled the old version of Itunes, installed the new and was ready to go. 15 minutes of copying later and I'm ready to go. Hmm even though it is a new install for some reason all my...
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    Deleting songs from computer database from Ephpod?

    Is it possible to delete files from my computer song database from Ephpod as it is in MM? For some reason I can see some doubles in Ephpod which do not show up in MM. I can only assume because of dodgy tags. There are about 40 songs which seem to exist in a strange limbo where I see them in the...
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    Ephpod doesn't add Variable Bit Rate music?

    I noticed that for some reason EPhpod doesn't sync the few VBR mp3s I have. Has anyone else noticed this or have I simply done a dodgy rip. The files play just fine when I upload them with Ivod instead.
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    Asked to turn off Ipod on airplane..?

    This happened to me the other day and I don't mean while taking off. I was on an Alitalia flight and was asked to turn off my Ipod even when at cruising altitude because it has a digital source? I did argue my case by pointing out that the guy next to me was using a laptop computer but the...
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    My comments and suggestions on ISkin Exo....

    My first comment must be on the excellent information and feedback that Lajo gives to us all on this forum. It is very refreshing to have direct contact with the creator of a product such as this. The second comment is a tale of two distributors. My first Exo was ordered a month ago from...
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    Something I noticed about Vpod last night...

    I have been using Vpod to sync my recently because I like the speed and the simplicity of the interface. One thing I hadn't realised though is that it fails to add new music in your PC music directory to the database when it loads up for the first time. Basically the songs on my PC mirror those...
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    EphPod doesn't save Playlists??

    Is it just me or does EphPod not save Playlists for more than one Sync? Or in fact even sync lists created in EphPod? I am getting increasingly frustrated with creating playlists, syncing and then finding them gone. I have succeeded by creating a list in another program, then importing it to...