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    Old Apple TV

    I bought Apple TV years ago and have model A1427, which I believe is referred to as second generation. What new features would I pick up if I buy a new Apple TV device?
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    Album art

    If I purchase an album from the iTunes Store, then change the artwork to my preferred art, would it change it just in iTunes on my computer, or would it change it on the track in my cloud? In other words if I need to re-download the purchased songs to another device, would it have my edited...
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    iPad battery life

    Hi. I have minimal notifications set up. I charged my iPad Pro battery to 100 percent last night and with no activity all night anticipated being at 100 or very close, but I was down to 83. I've been using it on and off all day and it seems to be lasting pretty well, but was concerned about the...
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    New iPad

    Received an apple email about the "new iPad". Below what they are touting as new, they show a 9 and a 12 inch iPad Pro. Are those new / updated also?
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    iPad Pro photos

    Anyone know if the new iPad Pro will have the live photos feature?
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    cassette to mp3

    I have been up and running with cassette to iMac for a few weeks now. I even upgraded to stereo with a behringer USB sound card. I use garage band for the software. The results have been sounding great, however, I need help, I'm trying to tackle a minor issue. Every few minutes, a random audible...
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    Artwork issue

    I use an iMac, and recorded some of my late mom's cassettes to the computer in mp3 format using garageband. I use a photo of each cassette for the artwork. No sooner do I update a couple of the latest recordings, I find the artwork has changed on its own to one of the other cassette/mp3's that...
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    eBay win

    I won a used iTouch on eBay. The seller is writing me that it has an account on it that he doesn't know the password for and he doesn't know if that iTunes or whatever account on it can be removed so I can create my own and function with it. Is this possible?
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    iPhone 6+ stereo?

    Google isn't helping. I played a YouTube video that has a stereo test, left and right channel audio. I heard both channels as when they individually played. But from what I thought, the 6 plus does not have stereo speakers. What is the scoop?
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    Mac iPhoto's to iPad

    I have plenty of available space and synced my imac iPhoto library to my iPad 2. It's a relatively new imac just haven't updated to the very latest OS yet. I have pics dated back to the 1980s and before that were scans. I clicked the box to sync all pics from iPhoto, also tried selecting all...
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    iPhone vs iPod Classic

    I love the capacity of my 160gb Classic iPod, and bought another to throw in a drawer for when mine dies in the future. When they are both gone, I am thinking the iPhone with 128gb will come close to satisfying my desire to bring loads of audio and video on vacations. When I played with using...
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    160 gb advice

    I have had a 160gb Classic, and just bought another to throw in a drawer for when mine dies. I opened it and synced up to test it, fully charged it. Now ready to store away for that day it will be needed. My question is should I drain the battery all the way down before storing it away? Thanks.
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    Get album artwork

    I recently bought a new iMac computer. On my old PC iTunes, I could use the get album artwork to see if iTunes would automatically find and insert the artwork for just the one CD I was dealing with at the time. Now with iTunes on my new machine, Get Album artwork seeks to find art for every...
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    I recall years ago concluding playlists on iPads were whacked. Is this still the case or am I doing it wrong? A playlist I have with rules "comments contains" and "not played in the last 3 days" shows with the correct songs when looking in iTunes with ipad connected, disconnect it and only 60%...
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    ios7 nightmare

    Ever since ios7, I cannot manually put all my desired 3rd party songs and videos on the ipad 2. Per Apple "Care", I deleted/reinstalled itunes, and restored my ipad. When I drag the songs over, some go but most are greyed out in itunes and on the ipad. I want to manually sync, but when I drag...
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    iPod repair

    I dropped my 3+ year old 160 gb Classic. I have a ton of ratings and playlists on it and would like to get it fixed. The local you break I fix place told me mine is beyond economical repair as the connection between the battery and main board was broken. Apple won't touch it, encouraging a new...
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    I do not want photos taking up the space they are on my iPhone. I have unchecked the sync photos from tab, yet the photos remain? These are not the camera roll photos. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    remove photos

    To free up space, I unchecked the box in iTunes to sync photos to my iPhone. All the photos from a previous sync, they are still there when I remove the iPhone. How do I remove them if unchecking the box is not the key? Thanks.
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    free songs? iTunes?

    I downloaded the newest version of iTunes, and there now appears a bunch of artists and songs I didn't import or download? they play, but when I right click on them, there is not a show in iTunes option, just a download option. Is this something new from Apple. Thinking of just deleting them all...
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    Charging cable

    Getting confused shopping for the charger for our 2 iPads, iPad 2. One site has a 2.0 USB cable, another touts a 5Volt one. Are they all the same. I know I need the at least 10 watt plug, but also need the cable to go from the plug to the iPads.