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    The Top 10 Podcast Episodes of 2005

    After listening to thousands of podcast episodes in 2005 we put our collective heads together here at LearnOutLoud and came up with our list of The Top Ten Podcast Episodes of 2005. It's certainly not exhaustive but I think it's a pretty good list and thought some of you might find it...
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    Video Tutorial: Listening to Podcasts with iTunes

    Hey all. We just posted a free video tutorial on listening to podcasts with iTunes. Here's the link: Forum Policy This is probably going to be beneath 99% of the people on this forum but there are two reasons why I wanted to post this: 1. For people new to podcasting - If you have friends...
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    Just came across this piece of software tonight: A few questions: 1. Is it legal? It seems to be but given the way the DMCA works I wasn't sure. 2. What's the benefit of using it? Just that it's less painless than burning content to a CD then ripping it to get it...
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    What would you like to see in an audiobook site?

    (Note: I hope this is an appropriate topic here. If not, please feel free to remove.) I'm taking a little survey of the landscape these days and seeing what people are looking for in an audiobook site. Do the sites that are out there currently meet your needs? Are there some features (e.g...
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    How to get MP3/AAC files into iTunes easier

    I realize that this question doesn't technically involved podcasting but I figured if anyone might know the answer someone here would. We want to offer some MP3 and AAC files for download through our site. The thing that we're trying to do is set up a way that we can offer a special link so...
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    Chapters in Podcasts

    When I listen to books from on my iPod, I've noticed that there are chapter marks on many books. What this allows me to do is skip ahead to the next chapter with just one click of the mousewheel. I'm wondering if this is something that is possible to do with podcasts. For instance...