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    Be very careful when changing features to cover overages

    I just went through something with AT&T... I had to call to get the issue fixed. I noticed last month I was getting close to my texting limit, my plan has 1,500 text messages and I was at about 1,400. Not wanting to pay the per message rate, I logged in online and upgrade my account to...
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    MobileMe client - Windows 7

    i haven't had a chance to extensively test this on other OS's, but here's my issue. i recently signed up for the MobileMe trial, and set all my Contacts, Calender, Mail, Bookmarks to sync via Mobile Me cloud. let me start off by saying, my computer is optimized very well. i have almost all...
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    The Next Case...

    i've got a SwitchEasy Rebel, SwitchEasy Color, and a FullBodyFilm Protection Pack on the way... what would be the next step? I was thinking a pouch of some sort... one of those Microfiber Cloth Bags like they give you when you buy a nice pair of sunglasses. are there any specifically tailored...
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    Safari 4 - Thoughts? Could iTunes Be Next?

    i want to know what everyones thoughts are on the new Safari. so far i see an improvement over the old version (at least in windows). it uses a lot less memory and seems to be fairly responsive. even on my 2.4GHz P4 @ work i've had almost no issues with hang ups or slow downs, on my 2.3Ghz...
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    iPhone Erase & Sync - Album Art Missing on iPhone

    i started a new library via the shift-click option with iTunes when launching the program. i have all my music named exactly like iTunes Store, so it grabs all the artwork from their servers. it grabbed all the artwork, but i notice some artwork was not transfered over to my iPhone. it's all...
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    iTunes - Driver Selection

    is there any way, (maybe editing itunes system files) to point iTunes to another driver for playing back audio? iTunes gives no such choice, and it defaults to DX drivers which perform terribly and give all sorts of clicks/pops.... instead of using the ASIO drivers. thanks
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    itunes library/settings files - how can i move them?

    i'm looking for a way to move the itunes library files. it always defaults to My Documents, which is not where i want it, and is not where i keep my music files. when you go to: Pref > Advanced and change the "iTunes Music Folder Location", it still leaves all the Library/Settings files in...
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    Re-Encoding Library

    so i need to re-recode my library to a different bit-rate. i have two folders, one with Apple Losses/High Bit-rate files... than i have another *smaller* library where the songs are encoded at 192kbps to fit on my iphone. i don't like 192kbps, i'm not even a fan of 256k but i can't go much...
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    SwitchEasy Color and Rebel

    i've had a Rebel on my phone for a while, really no complaints... except that the bottom rubber part has started to droop down (i've read others have had a similar problem). i guess it comes from taking it on and off a lot. it can be kind of a dust trap in the crevisis, but can't really blame...
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    digital in-car solution iphone 3g

    i'm looking for one of two options 1. ipod interfacing unit that plugs into the back of your stock stereo CD changer port. 2. a usb capable after market head unit. if i do this ill prob get new speakers too. i want to be able to control my ipod, instead of being forced to use the car stereo...
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    store with 3g cases

    are there any stores that have a good case selection? bestbuy has very little, and ATT doesn't have any good ones. i know about whats available online, but i'd be nice to see some in person.
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    iphone 3g and peripheral pxdp

    my car has a peripheral pxdp system connected to my stock honda stereo. it was used for my ipod, but it doesn't charge my new iphone 3g. doing some quick research i found out, it's because almost all old ipod interfacing hardware used Firewire (12v) to charge the device, but now they use USB...
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    2.0.1 fixed nothing?

    since 2.0.1 released I knew they hadn't fixed keyboard lag or contact lag... but today I found out they didn't fix 3rd party app crashes either. my 3rd party apps suddenly stopped working they open and crash immediately just like in 2.0 so now I'm wondering if 2.0.1 fixed anything? this is...
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    iphone FULL specifications

    i've been doing google searches but haven't found anything yet. theres gotta be someone out there who has cracked open an iphone and iphone 3g. actually looked at the hardware inside and figured out whats it's running. also i'd be nice to compare the two, see if they cut some corners on the...
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    iPhone: two things that really slow down

    1. open up texting app and start using it. keyboard reacts extremely slow making it almost unusable. only solution i've found is to quit and go back into it. any word about possible fixes in the futre? 2. bring up my contacts menu, holds up for 3-5 seconds before reacting to any finger...
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    keyboard gets veryyy slow

    my keyboard seems to get really slow when I type a text message anyone know what the prob could be? like 1-2 delay when typing
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    using Shuffle - avoiding bad songs

    i've got the ipod 60gig video. i tend to download regular music, and then i download bad 70's/80's/90's music as a joke, usually for when my friends are sitting around drinkin. the thing is, i dont wanna delete it, it's fun playing "remeber this song?". so my question is, can i set-up shuffle...
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    playlist options

    when i go to a playlist on my ipod, it shows a huge list of all the songs. playlists -> *playlist names* -> (all song titles) is there a way to make playlists display the way "Music" does music -> artists -> (album titles) -> (song titles) i like the sub-category to albums, instead of just...
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    adjusting previously encoded mp3s to 256k

    i noticed when i told itunes to import all my mp3s at 256k it didn't really process anything, which makes me believe it will only happen with future stuff that i import. having 5k plus songs, i'm not really interested in reimportaing all my stuff. i know i could download an encoder to do it...