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    itunes 7.4 won't instal on Vista

    Hi I have Windows Vista Home Premium and i've been trying to get the new itunes 7.4 onto it but it's not having none of it. I currently use itunes 7 but when I open the install file for this one it just says Invalid Drive: F:\ Does anyone know how to solve this because I really don't want to...
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    Strange Sleep Mode Oddities

    Can somebody please tell me how sleep mode on the nano fully works, how long before it is activated, does anyone know for sure?. What are it's activation times for sleep mode and deep sleep mode, need someone who has actually tested it. The reason I ask is that sleep mode operates rather...
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    Audible's UK trial

    Well i'm thinking of doing the free UK trial for the three free audio titles. I want the Wheel of Time 1 - 3, never tried any of his stuff before. Does anyone know if you get to select any three books from the site?, or can you only choose from a small selection to have as your free choices...
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    Extortionate Battery Price

    Has anyone ever highlight the huge varaiance in the price of the US and the UK battery replacement cost?. It seems like Apple have realised US consumers won't stand for being screwed over for new batteries, but they are more than happy to continue ripping off the rest of the world. You guys get...
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    Left and Right Channel sound

    Just got my nano this morning and using the supplied buds the sound from the right channel is a fair whack louder than that of the left?, I know it's not my hearing because I swapped ears and the right earphone still sounds much louder. What's up with that?. I tried to see if it was the same...
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    MP3 Bookmarking

    Now that i-tunes 5 lets you make any mp3 file bookmarkable who has just joined an audiobook full of mp3's and listened to it?. We need to know if we still have to keep them under a certain length and file size, whether the bookmark ever gets lost and whether the bookmark ever decides it's...
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    Nano random fill?

    My music collection is now headed over the 4GB mark but I think i'm still going to go with the nano. What I want to know is how do I get i-tunes (I have the 5 release) to randomly fill my ipod with a different selection of songs each time I connect it?. Is this possible?. If not I was planning...
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    Complete Podcast audiobook directory

    Complete Podiobook (Podcast audiobook) directory With the medium of 'podiobooks' (audiobooks released as weekly mp3 podcasts) just starting to get off it's feet I thought it would be interesting to collate just what novels are available into one directory. I will also try and include any other...
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    NEW 6GB MODEL Confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The 6GB model has been confirmed, check out the store now.