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  1. Chrisman

    Sensible ploicy

    Dear iLounge, Im posting this to claim my acknowledgement of your 'new' policy. I dont know how new it is but it sounds like youre doing well for we who participate in your offerings. Chrisman
  2. Chrisman

    Analog Digital

    Hey users, Can I use my iMac to digitize, say onto my iTunes Library, music from a Cassette ? HOw ? Thanks for your Help :o))
  3. Chrisman

    Physical Hardware problem iMac

    Hi users, Have you any experience with the 'hinge' coming 'loose' ? Suddenly my screen leans forward---the tension or friction formerly holding it at the desired attitude is gone. . Make sense? Thanks for your help
  4. Chrisman

    how to upgrade itunes version

    Hi, I use a lenovo with intel i3 and windows 7 my original version of itunes is v12.5.4.42 Ive just downloaded from "hippo" v12.7 then restarted and went thru a so-called 'repair' sequence I found in the control panel. It all seemed to go swimmingly but I'd like to know IF the new...
  5. Chrisman

    I cant sample songs before buying

    Ive tried and tried but nothing has solved the 'spinning circle' which engages when you double click on the 'play arrow' for sampling a song selection. If it is of consequence, Ive deciphered a small window that flashes ever-so-briefly upon that double click, It reads: "opening URL // connecting...
  6. Chrisman

    iTunes song-sampling error ?

    Why does iTunes show the 'loading circular' when I click to hear a song sample (prior to buying) thereby it never plays the song--just keeps on 'circling' Thanks for your help
  7. Chrisman

    why do select songs show a (!)

    Dear iTunes users, I have recently 'moved' my iTunes library from an old PC laptop to my iMac. Most of the 'songs' are 'normal' however, scrolling thru them, here and there, to the left of the song title checked box, is an exclamation point inside of a circle. Clicking on such a song brings up...
  8. Chrisman

    lost iTunes playlists

    Dear iTuners, I have a couple questions: Now that I have finally gotten my old-laptop iTunes files (v. 12.1.3..6) onto my newer laptop hosting iTunes v. , I see that my Playlists did not make it over. I this just to be accepted, or is there some remedy? My 2nd question is about...
  9. Chrisman

    uploading ITunes library from thumbdrive

    Dear iLoungers, Im wanting to get my old PC iTunes music library onto my newer Laptop. I believe Ive suceeded , with great effort, in downloading (from 'Hippo') version onto the new laptop. Likewise I believe I have my 'old iTunes' library on a thumbdrive that is plugged in. Using...
  10. Chrisman

    iTues 12.7.2

    Dear iLoungers, 3 questions: Is it to be assumed that iTunes download is Free? Im suspicious of clicking when the apple store does not 'say' click here for free download. I know from some-years-ago experience that they seemed to hope that I would pay them for it, but perhaps they have gotten...
  11. Chrisman

    Music Organization ?

    Dear fellow iTunes users, I am just beginning to upload disc material onto a fresh-slate of itunes power ! Power? while I expect that when viewing my library as either songs or artists to see a 'list' however when viewing under "Albums" why is it that songs 'belonging' to the same Album title...
  12. Chrisman

    iMac CD accessory

    Dear iLounge Gurus, I know it's antiquated, but so am I getting. Id like your advice on what and where to best get an add-on CD gizmo so I can load my CD library onto iTunes on my iMac. thanks
  13. Chrisman

    new OS X feature

    Hi Lounge readers, I have 2 very-basic questions. I must detail here, that successful-solution response here will begin cementing my beliefs (hopes) that answers to operation of my, now 1 1/2 yr old iMac can be found by direct method above usual trial and error. Soooo: where do I find the...
  14. Chrisman

    iTunes corrupted !

    Hey, HI, Ive just gotten notice when trying to open my ITunes with these words: "this copy of iTunes is corrupted or is not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes (-42037)" I tried on my own to "download' iTunes from the Apple Store but aside from discovering multiple copies aparrently...
  15. Chrisman

    want two copies of my iTunes store purchase

    Why didnt my song purchase 'load' onto both of my authorized machines? )or how do I send the song to the other one?
  16. Chrisman

    any alternative to Adobeflash?

    HI Forum Folks, Is there any software alternative to using Adobe Flashplayer?
  17. Chrisman

    'album' songs (titles) are 'fragmented' into multiple files

    I would like to learn how to 'consolidate' these 'dividedup' songs into singular albums (one LP icon per record or disc) Thanks;)
  18. Chrisman


    Dear itunes Forum Sublime Masters, I'd like to really begin at square one. I'm already Very frustrated with the itunes program and perhaps have taken some bad advice from my music-saturated youngest daaughter and have downloaded itunes. In their favor, the price was right. My first...