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  1. J

    recently added movies not syncing to iPad Mini

    I'm having a new issue with my iTunes library, whereby I am unable to sync any newly added movies to my iPad Mini. These are DVD's that have been ripped using the same software as I have always used (Ripit) and are my own DVD's that I am simply making iTunes copies of for home use. They play...
  2. J

    Speculation on the new iPhone

    So...lots of rumors stating it'll be X tall, Y wide and have a 4" screen. Also that it'll be called iPhone 5, "The New iPhone" and just "iPhone"... Do you a) believe the rumours? b) like what you're hearing and seeing? c) care? d) have a bunch of hopes and aspirations for the next iteration...
  3. J

    New computer - old library on external HDD, lost playlists and contacts etc

    I've searched around but can't seem to find the info I need regarding this specific issue: When upgrading to 4.2.1, my I was prompted to do a backup, which I did. The issues started about then. My computer was old. It was running out of space. 3/4 of the way through the upgrade, there was an...
  4. J

    Lower volume when using EQ on iOS4 (3GS)

    Since uprgading to iOS4, I have noticed a particularly hefty drop in music volume through the iPod app when using the EQ. No matter which EQ I set it to (generally I set R & B for the bigger bass without losing the mids) the volume drops by about 20% (give or take). Set it to Flat or Off and...
  5. J

    iPhone 4 lookalike case for 3GS?

    So this is a bit of a strange one, but I have to you think it likely that a random case-maker out there will make a case that is designed to make the 3G/3GS look like a fat iPhone 4? All it would take is to give it a metallic edge, a flat back and you're away laughing. Possible...
  6. J

    Downloading large apps via cellular network

    OK - I have serached and can't find anything relevant here, so i'll start at the beginning: I have an iPhone 3Gs. It operates on the Vodafone Network in NZ. I cannot download apps larger than 20mb via cellular network, despite having 3gb allowance per month. Why should my iPhone tell me...
  7. J

    iPod Toucg 32gb 3G Getting HOT!!

    iPod Touch 32gb 3G Getting HOT!! I've done a quick search of the forums and only find evidence of this in iPhones, but when I play games or use apps on my Touch, it gets HOT! By HOT! I mean it gets almost uncomfortably hot to hold...right down bt the docking port, at the back, towards the...
  8. J

    Well I went and did it, didn't I...

    :mad: Dropped the damn Classic in the toilet...luckily, it was pre-pee...:shake: Got it out quickly, it was in a case, but there was water in it, it was on and it immediately crapped itself. Dried it as well as I could, swung the water out (didn't want to shake it), made sure I didn;t turn...
  9. J

    So what happend to my Ipod?

    Nothing is wrong with it. It's just flat - might take half an hour to charge sufficiently to show up... Patience is a virtue, young grasshopper. :cool:
  10. J

    ITMs NZ now has movies!!

    Not only is this kinda cool, but also rather underwhelming - not a lot of titles available from what I could tell, but some were grossly overpriced! $NZ22.95 for a couple of movies I saw...more than they are selling for at shops on DVD (which can be easily ripped to iPod anyway). Cool to be...
  11. J

    iPhone 3g...who's got one?

    First ones have ben sold across the pacific - NZ, Australia and marching across the world with the stroke of midnight all across the globe. Has anyone got one and what do they think so far?
  12. J

    Logitech X-230 2.1 Speaker system

    I just got one of these sets for my Laptop, but thought I'd plug my Nano in and give it a whirl... I have to say: sounds great!! Nice and bassy with good mid-range and top-end sound. I have to put a disclaimer here: I am writing this in context of the price. I paid the princely sum of...
  13. J

    Strange happenings with my Nano Battery

    OK, so I have a Nano Gen3. Recently (within the last week or so) my Nano has been failing to charge whilst in accessories using the dock connector. Works just fine in every way - just won't charge. I tried the old trick of plugging it into a computer at work that doesn't have iTunes (pull...
  14. J

    iPhone to be released in NZ later this year!

    Vodafone to offer Apple's iPhone in NZ Apple has chosen Vodafone to sell its iPhone in New Zealand later this year. The agreement to sell the Apple iPhone for use on the Vodafone GSM network covered 10 markets around the world, including Australia, Italy and South Africa. Apple launched its...
  15. J

    Dock compatibility: Nano 3G

    OK, it's time for a stupid question. I've looked through the site, done a search but haven't found the answers I am after. My question is this: Can I play my 3G Nano through a 3rd party dock to a stereo? The dock is a Cobolt iPod dock and IR remote. Compatibility list shows only iPod...
  16. J

    Album art sometimes doesn't show

    After having a new Nano (8GB) for a couple of days, I've come across a bit of an issue: While playing on shuffle mode, the album art sometimes doesn't show up. If I go to Menu and "now playing" - the art shows up then displays in the main screen after a few seconds. It's about every 3rd or...