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    PdaNET Speed Test

    Ok, using PdaNet to get free internet to my laptop from my iPhone I get the following speeds with full bars: 161kb/sec download 35kb/sec up Pretty crappy for broadband, but WAYYY better than a dialup modem. My sister in law is thinking about canceling her real broadband and just using PdaNet
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    Best Charger for iPhone 3G

    I had my iphone 3G down to about 20% battery before leaving on an hour long road trip. With the phone unlocked, bluetooth and nav… the battery dipped below 10% with constant warnings and was nearly gone by the end of the trip. I have read in various forums this is because the 500ma output from...
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    Best Jailbroken Apps

    Ok, this is from my new experience with Jailbreaking my phone. Cycorder - Allows you to record video/sound with the iPhone. Records in .mov format so you can simply drag and drop (using Cyberduck) into iMovie 08. PDANet - Super simple tethering app. In fact I'm posting this through my iPhone...
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    Best Productivity Apps? (No games, nor entertainment)

    I was wondering what apps that do something useful exist for the iPhone. I purchased eWallet for the iPhone. Right now it doesn't sync with the mac nor windows so you have to enter all data through the iPhone. eWallet is an encrypted app to store all of your passwords, account numbers, and...
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    Hate the iPhone autobackup? Solution here

    This makes it so that you can backup your iPhone when you DAMN WELL WANT TO. :shake: Since it can take about 5 minutes to backup an iPhone with tons of apps, this allows you manually do it by simply right clicking your phone in iTunes. To disable automatic backups, but keep the ability to...
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    iPhone Safari = CRASH CRASH CRASH.. *sigh*

    Is is just me, or does Safari on the iPhone 3G crash alot? Happens on small or large sites. The screen will just got black for a few seconds, and then I'll be back at the home page. Argggggggg!
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    How do I manually sync my MobileMe contacts?

    Ok, so to save battery, I've turned my contacts PUSH to MANUAL. But where is the manual SYNC contacts button in the iPhone? I've added many contacts in the last few weeks and I've yet to see them on MobileMe or on my AddressBook app on my computer.
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    Why would I consider Jailbreaking my iPhone 3G?

    After hearing from Leo Laporte's podcast that it's impossible to permanently "brick" your iPhone with Jailbreak, I'm curious. Why do people Jailbreak their iPhones? Specifically, what kinds of apps and capabilities do you get when you Jailbreak it? has anyone here done it?
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    Dead pixel on 3G iPhone....

    Waited in line five hours for this stupid 3G iPhone only to find a few days later a single dead pixel. Took it back the Apple and they replaced it no questions asked. I dropped by an AT&T store, and they won't replace if it it has a dead pixel. They have a policy that you need at least five...
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    Safari crashing on iPhone 3G?

    My 3G iPhone seems to crash every once in a while. It does it for long loading webpages like But it did crash when I tried to reply to a post here on iLounge. Anyone experience the same thing here?
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    Am I elligible for $299 upgrade?

    I'm an existing AT&T customer with five months on my 2 year contract. I have a crappy LG Trax flip phone. When I dance into the AT&T store to get a 3G Iphone, how much should I expect to pay for the 16GB version? I have a friend who works at an AT&T store, and he says that I probably will...
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    iPhone name in iTunes is .0.00? why?

    Just noticed this. When I sync my iPhone against iTunes, i noticed that the name that shows up is .0.00 ? Why is that? How can I change it to Michelle's Iphone or Fluffy, etc?
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    What is the best car charger for an iPhone?

    Simple question. If you own an iPhone car charger and have no problems with it, please post here! :confused:
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    What is the best car charger for an iPhone?

    I bought one of these for around $5 on eBay. The problem is that the iPhone makes a buzzing sound when charging. That's kinda annoying when answering phone calls or playing music when charging. Can anyone recommend a good quality iPhone car charger?:confused:
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    Cellet iPhone Car Charger makes wierd buzzing sound during charging

    I bought one of these off ebay to charge my iPhone off eBay. The problem is that when it's charging, the iPhone makes this wierd high pitch noise through it's speakers. Does anyone else have this problem? Or do all iPhone car chargers do this?:confused:
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    Speakers for iPhone that also allow incoming phone calls?

    I'm looking for speaker/doc combo that can allow me to do the following: 1. Not force me into airplane mode. 2. Don't get affected by wireless transmissions of phone. 3. Will pause the music and allow me to answer an incoming call (hopefully by simply using speaker phone mode.. so I don't...
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    Any way to charge and play Video Ipod when connected to a PC?

    When I plug my USB cable into my work machine, it will charge, but I can't play it. If i eject the ipod in Windows, then it won't charge. Is this a machine dependent thing?
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    Is this normal when starting a 1stgen mini?

    If my wife's mini has been left off for a day, it will show the apple logo for about 5 seconds when I power it on. There's plenty of battery life. It seems like it's "booting up" the mini O/S. After that, I can turn it off and instantly turn it on which seems normal to me. This differs from...
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    Critics say iTunes-only downloads and inflexible pricing are hurting song sales

    Apple May Be Holding Back The Music Biz Critics say iTunes-only downloads and inflexible pricing are hurting song sales The critics are Napster and Real Networks. Well, if they offered mp3's rather than DRM restricted crap, then their stuff would work on iPods! :rolleyes:
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    Do you think it's wrong to download copyrighted music if....

    Do you think it's wrong to download copyrighted music if you used to own the CD but lost it?