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    Philips Philips DCP850/37 (w/iPod Dock) Get it in person!

    I ordered one of these units from recently, and the video performance from the iPod dock was horrible. I thought it had to be an aberration since I saw the photos in iLounge's review and their video dock performance was completely acceptable. I emailed with 7 people that had this...
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    New computer, lost itunes database

    OK, I have a new machine, and I lost the database (.itl and .xml) files that make up the itunes information. SO...if I attach my ipod and try to autosync, I will lose the playlists I worked so hard to make. Fine. I can remake them. What I refuse to lose are the playcounts and ratings...
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    Review of SendStation PocketDock

    New review of the SendStation PocketDock up at
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    John Kerry: iPod lover?

    MODS: Not a political statement of any kind. I saw this photo on CNN today: I assume you all can see it! Hey, it made me chuckle. :)
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    iTunes Lossless test

    I tested 4 tracks today. Gear: 3G iPod > Sik Imp > Custom Headsave interconnect > Headsave MiniMe > Shure E5s Songs: Seal: Killer (Seal 1994) Godsmack: Touche (The Other Side) Diana Krall, S'wonderful (Live in Paris) Armin Van Buuren, The Sound of Goodbye File formats: WAV, MP3s (--alt...
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    Review: SiK Imp

    New review up at
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    Battery problem?

    I suppose it's bad that my battery only lasts two hours now? Is there anything I can do to try to improve it before I call Apple? 3G 40GB, 2.1, for the record...
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    Senn PX200s mini-review

    Just finished it up.
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    Interesting effect with LONG file

    I have a 4-hour DJ set encoded in 256K MP3. It's the longest file I have come across so far. Seeking on the iPod is next to starts to skip and actually locks up. However... I converted it to 128K AAC, and it seeks just fine. A *tiny* bit laggy, but no skipping. What do you...
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    Article about music services

    Just a little piece, in case you're interested...
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    Review: Shure E3c
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    Question for Vaja iVod owners

    Can you sync in the case if you pop the dock cover off?
  13. S exo2 Text review

    No pictures yet...I'm working on lighting and so forth for the reviews I will be doing for a tech site. Those will come later. The review: The iSkin exo2 comes with the usual collection of products, only these are little different. The clear zip case is the older, stiff TPU plastic that was...
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    iPod wallpaper

    Just threw this together, thought some people might want it. Here's a really low-quality sample. You can get the real thing here.
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    Grr. A general complaint re: tagging

    Is there anything worse than tagging classical music? Three hundred characters of French and Italian terms that mean nothing to me, coupled with another 400 characters to denote everyone who played in the track from the pianist to the janitor that cleaned the stage after they all left. Then...
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    Ubersoft takes a shot... Good stuff! ;)
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    MDR-EX71SL's - A review

    Just got my MDR-EX71SL's from the UPS man... Strange little headphones these are. I read up on the techniques of inserting these kinds of buds, about getting the seal and all, so I was prepared. The first time I used them, they sounded horrible. Thin and flat. If I had no prior knowledge of...
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    iTunes choppy playback: problem and solution

    I was haveing a strange issue with iTunes playing back music: it sounded very choppy all of a sudden, and doubles & echoed. Nothing seemed to help. Winamp was playing the same files just fine, so I thought maybe a repair re-install of iTunes. Didn;t help. Then I remembered that iTunes uses...
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    Irony? Maybe. Hanging a charm from an iSkin

    I thought some of you would get a chuckle out of this. I got a keychain froma friend years ago who worked for the Evil Empire in Redmond. These keychains were made out of the recalled priginal Pentium chips with the floating point calculation bug. I've had it forever. I just found it in my...