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    A free car solution...

    So the fact compainies exist and charge ridiculous amounts of money for interface cables and FM transmitters (that produce a rubbish sound) annoys me a fair bit. So I decided to take the matter into my own hands. The stereo in my 2001 Holden Astra (also Opel in other countries) does not have...
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    Bill Gates - Havard honourary degree acceptance speech (transcript below the video's, for those who want to speed through it) This isn't new too. Without going too far into 'that' territory - I fail to see how people can say bad about him when he...
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    Convince me to get an iPod

    Alrighty, so I've been away from civilisation for the last 3 months without the internet in a small country town working at Snowy Hydro (it's a hydro scheme in the snowy mountains of australia). Definitely an experience I'll never forget, anyway..... My iHP-120 got a loose solder joint after a...
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    U2 @ Telstra Stadium 11.11.06 (Sydney, Australia) audio recording

    A lot of the magic of the live experience will be lost if you didn't attend a recent show of theirs, or even better this show. It was rather good, and I recorded it as I do with basically every gig I go to these days. Have a download and listen if you get the time...
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    Guitar Hero II

    Final tracklist revealed: I can't wait. My PS2 is far less used then my gamecube, so this should bring the dust off. Some good tracks in there. Number one was extremely fun, and this is looking up too! Has anybody else caught the disease?
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    My solution to crappy iPod speakers

    And much cheaper: Built using this kit: With this amplifier in-built: It can run off the mains (via a 12V...
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    My new arcade machine

    2 years in the planning. 4 solid weeks in the making. It plays in excess of 2000 games, and it is so much fun it just isn't describeable. I have a new toy.
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    I will buy an iPod

    Work has started on the Rockbox port onto the iPod. I have used iPodlinux, and don't like it much. Rockbox, on the other hand, is everything you would ever need in a firmware. It should be done before the end of 2006 at the rate they go, and I will be there with cash in hand to be ready for it...
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    What are you listening to (with a twist)

    Alright, so I've seen hundreds of these around. They get pretty boring and quickly become a +1 to your postcount. I suggest a new format: Post the song that you are listening to currently Post a link to a sample of that song ( is good for that) Comment on the previous person's song...
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    I'm back

    Not that anybody would have noticed :p 2000 posts in hand. Thankyou very much for all involved and this very fine place we are all at.... I was holding off because I wanted it to be something sort of special. If any of you remember my 1000 post celebration a while back, it was me swapping my...
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    I just noticed it then, when did this change come about? I don't really like it, but then again it does give me fuel to add to the fire of non-iPod MP3 player posts (arguments of 'this is iPodlounge - not iRiverlounge were rather common). :D
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    iRiver now has gapless....

    Well, the day I have been waiting for. In the form of an infinitely customisable open-source firmware, the H-1xx series (formerly iHP-1xx) now has gapless playback. Heck, it even has a gameboy emulator. Can't wait till I get this puppy running to give my dying MP3 player some life. Stick that...
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    rIP iHP

    It's over. Or as I knew it. I was walking home from uni today, walking against the general flow. A van was parked on the footpath, so I waited till some people went, then passed it by. I didn't judge it too well and hit my leg on the corner of the van. Little did I know I hit my precious MP3...
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    Ban 'GOIRIVER'

    He's a troll and nothing else. Something I'd say we don't really need around here. Just a suggestions though..... :D
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    Any Canadian engineers?

    Just recently, one of my lecturers was talking about the iron ring you get when you graduate. Of course my natural reaction was pure jealousy. I think this is quite possibly the coolest thing that could happen once I graduate. So here come's my question, are there any engineer's from Canada...
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    Karnivool (Australian progessive rock)

    Wow. I saw these guys live the other day and bought their album because I was so impressed. Album of the year so far for me. Head on over to: And have a listen to the song that starts playing, then see if you like it or not.
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    This place sucks - I am leaving

    Well, for a month. To the lovely Canada to go skiing. Then to San Fransisco to visit relatives, then a stop off to Hawaii to visit more relatives. A 13 hour flight is waiting for me on the other side of a couple of days, and heck, I'll be having to much fun to check up on these boards while I...
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    Meet the H10, say goodbye to the mini.....

    .....on the provisor that Apple never advertises again. Ever. Which will never happen. The H10 is basically an MP3 player the size of the mini, holding 5GB, colour screen (with uncompressed picture viewing, heck the iPod photo can't even do that), a longer battery life (8h vs. 12h), it has a...
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    The iPod Photo loses already

    The H300 series from iRiver just got a firmware update - video playback. So not only does the battery last longer, it is much cheaper, you can connect digital camera's to it, but it also plays videos! But of course the iPod photo will still sell 50 times more units because they advertise...
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    30 hours of music

    Somebody went and put a first gen upgraded battery (the one that bagg's uses I believe) into an iHP-120. After doing a test, these are his results: (Link) MP3 Test complete Usage : Moderate -> Heavy Volume : 20 Equalizer : Normal Repeat : Directory (Specifically : DJ GT Voices of Winter 2003)...