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    The Shins - Wincing the Night Away

    What a fantastic record. I've glanced at many of the industry reviews and while all have been unquestionably favorable, it doesn't seem as if some folks quite get the record. Here is a band on their third album, which has simply added another dimension to their music allowing them the...
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    Looking for Great New Bands? DRIVEBLIND

    Driveblind is a new band from Scotland (big buzz in Europe) and I caught them on tour in the States over the summer. They toured with Nikka Costa, Candlebox, and Johnny Marr and just released their 1st album on Geffen. They were great live and are equally great on the record (I was nervous...
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    iZilla - Check this out!

    This could be totally cool if it works as advertized. Get a load of the storage space Batman! But, definitely a bit over the top. It might be good for somebody living in a tiny NYC flat or other confined space. (sorry, this probably should have been posted in the lounge but it is a MUSIC...
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    Tapes 'n Tapes

    Anybody like Tapes 'n Tapes? Just picked up their new record, The Loon[. They're out of MN and they sound a bit like a slightly cleaned up version of the Pixies with a tiny splash of The Strokes in the mix as well. I've only listened to the record twice and downloaded some tracks from a...
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    Band of Horses

    A couple months back in another thread, I had mentioned that I had been given a pre-release copy of the debut album by Seattle's, Band of Horses. A few folks went to their website and checked out the demos they had posted. The response was a tad luke-warm and after listening to the demos, I...
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    Apple's 'Intel' Ad Vs the "Such Great Heights" Video

    Click Here to Read Story and See Videos Interesting comparison!
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    It's Now or Never...

    Let's get it done boys!
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    Are They Becoming the Same Person?

    As soon as I saw the Rolling Stone cover with Jack White on it, I immediately thought of Michael Jackson. It's kinda freaky. What is up with Jack looking like Jack-o? Do we really need two? :)
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    Sub-Pop Past & Present

    Sub-Pop has emerged not once but twice as a hip, influential indie label leading the charge with two very different styles of music. Being from Seattle, and getting to witness their success over the span of nearly two decades has been a very cool thing indeed. What do you guys think? Oddly...
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    Sub-Pop Past & Present

    Sub-Pop has emerged not once but twice as a hip, influential indie label leading the charge with two very different styles of music.
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    Do you like interesting music that doesn't follow the conventional rules and boundries of pop music? Check out Yello! They're most famous for the song, "Oh Yeah" which was featured in Ferris Buellers Day Off but the music of Yello goes so far beyond that. The depth of the music is amazing and...
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    Favorite Sunny/Rainy Music

    I woke up in Seattle this morning to a forcast of 80+ degrees F for the next couple of days following a week of pretty volatile weather. This is the first time this spring that the weather will have breached the 80 degree mark. It signals a bit of a turning point toward summer weather. As I...
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    New: Sleater-Kenney - The Woods

    This isn't an album for everyone but if you are both a PJ Harvey AND a Led Zeppelin fan, this might just be your essential album! The Woods is raw, agressive, musical and creative. Definitely the most experimental album from Sleater-Kinney. Produced by David Fridmann who worked with both The...
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    Radiohead, about KENT?

    Bands such as Radiohead, Coldplay, Keane, Travis, Palo Alto and other similar bands are frequently mentioned in these forums but IMO the Sweedish band, Kent should be right there in this mix but I don't recall them ever being mentioned. Anybody here like them? For those of you who know nothing...
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    U2 - Vertigo

    Anybody heard it yet? I've always liked U2 but they've never been in my "favorite band" category. I've got a lot of their material and certainly they've had their ups (Joshua Tree, October, etc...) and their downs (Pop) but this band blows me away with their ability to continue to release...
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    Tommy Stinson - Village Gorilla Head

    Ex Replacements bass player, Tommy Stinson, just released a solo album. I picked it up over the weekend and after a few listens, color me impressed. I wasn't much of a Bash n' Pop fan but I did like Tommy's second project, Perfect. Perfect was a garage rock-ish E.P. that sounded a lot like...
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    Sub-Pop & Other Great Indie Labels

    What are your favorite indie labels & why? One of my favs is Sub Pop, located in Seattle. They've been around since the '80s and are most famous for spawning bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, & Mudhoney. In the '90s they also released records for The Afghan Whigs, Seaweed, The Reverend Horton...
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    Favorite Guitar Performance on an album?

    What is your favorite guitar performance of all time? The performance must be in a song on a non-live studio album? It doesn't have to be a solo, it can be a riff, jam or melody if you like. Use the format below: Band/Artist: The Cult Guitarist: Billy Duffy Album: Love Song: "Love"...
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    Best Cities for Rock/Pop Music

    What is your favorite city for music and what bands did the city produce? Obviously there are cities like NYC and LA that have thousands of bands but what about other cities around the world that have produced great music. I'm definitely a big Manchester fan but being from Seattle I've got to...
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    Help with 2 iPods connecting to 1 PC - Please

    I have a WinXP machine and a 2nd gen iPod with latest firmware and MMJB 7.5 that has worked perfectly for 1.5 years. My wife just got a 20 gb 3rd gen and I am trying to transfer tunes from my library to the new iPod. When I plug in the 3g, it is recognized in the system tray icon but won't...