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    Any musicians here?

    Wow, can't believe I haven't posted in this thread before now! I primarily play bass guitar, and have played in a number of bands and groups over the years, though I haven't really been playing regularly for the last year or so -- I just haven't had the time. I own a number of basses, though...
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    Using the Forum

    Any questions about the site/forum usually go in Feedback & Suggestions, so I've moved this topic there. No, but it's quite simple. If you click on a person's username there's a link in the drop down menu that appears: There's also an link on everyone's profiles to search for their posts...
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    Simplifying the forum layout...

    Ok, this is stupid... nearly every topic in the each "general" iPod forum is about iPod problems (and I'd guess no amount of stickies will make a difference here... n00bs are n00bs). So why not merge the problem and general forums so as to avoid the confusion. Just an idea... TOM
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    Buyers guide blog competition...

    Few quick questions about the rules: Isn't that age limit a bit high? 16 would be better IMHO as there are going to be alot of members between 16 and 18 who have blogs (and because it would include me ;)). What does that mean... by submitting my blog I had over the ownership of it to...
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    Anybody have any experience with Just wondering... or does anyone else know where I could get an exo3 in the UK? That is the only place Froogle turned up. TOM
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    Editorials ... Editorials?

    I've just noticed that "Editorials" appears twice in the Articles menu (1st and 4th item). Anybody else notice this? TOM
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    iPod Getting Abit Faint!

    Well the screen on my iPod 3G seems to be a bit faint. I have to have it on 3/4 to full contrast to even be able to see the thing. At first I sort of thought this was normal, but after seeing my friends new 4G it seems mine might be faulty. Time to phone Apple methinks. See the attachment for a...
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    Who actually started a topic?

    I've noticed that from the forum index there is no way to tell who actually started a topic! Other vB forums have it listed under the topic title, or in a separate column, but we get nothing here! Could this be added in the next upgrade as it's quite a useful feature. TOM
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    Black or white?

    Take this one as you will... TOM
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    Menu Bug?

    In the drop down menus, all the items rollover with a grey background, except it seems that the 'User Group Info' item ('About Us' menu) seems to rollover with a black background instead. Is this a bug? I'm using Safari 1.2, and the same thing happens in MSIE/Win as well. TOM
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    Ever heard of this band...

    Has anybody heard of the band "This Girl"? They played in my home town recently and one of my friends went (and got the CD). It's a shame I didn't go because from what I've heard of them they are really good. Quite funky and catchy songs. Just wondering if anyone else had heard of them...
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    small forum bug ...

    a small bug in the forum interface in Mac IE 5.1 ... it appears on the all of the forum pages ... but not the index/news page etc ... so it looks like a bug in the forum template ... TOM
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    Mac updates and cover CDs

    Well, seeing as Apple has a "no updates on magazine cover CDs" policy, the UK Mac mag MacFormat ( have started a petition to allow them (and other magazines) to carry OS updates on their CDs ... please everybody, go and sign it as they need all the help they can get...