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  1. decafjava

    Thanks for adding reactions.

    I just wanted to thank the owners and admins for adding the reactions to posts but also in general for the improvements and changes in the site (both main and forum) over the last couple of years. I rarely participate in the forum but I do consult the main site regularly for news and...
  2. decafjava

    Smartplaylists not updating with sync

    ot sure if this is an iOS problem or MacOS. I have a fair amount of ripped and purchased music (downloaded mostly from iTunes) and have also setup smartplaylists. Problem is when syncing the playlists do not update correctly between my iPhone and Mac.
  3. decafjava

    Custom Apple Music mix playlists gone

    Hello all, so I have a strange problem that has only recently appeared. I used to have custom Apple music mixes, favourites updated every Tuesday, new music every Friday and chill every Sunday. First my favorite vanished, then new music and now the chill has vanished - oddly enough after it...
  4. decafjava

    iTunes not stopping during calls

    Since upgrading to High Sierra and ios 11 I seem to have an issue with making or receiving calls on my Mac - that is when I get or receive a call it doesn't suspend music on iTunes like it used to. An yone else see this? This happened once on my iPhone but now it works normally.
  5. decafjava

    HD Write Error

    I've been getting a strange error pop-up for awhile now every time I back-up/sync to iTunes. At the end a pop-up comes up saying "Can't write to Macintosh HD unknown error -54" but it syncs apps and updates my playlists fine. It also makes a backup (it says backup was last created xxx) with no...
  6. decafjava

    lost music

    So I got a new iMac, and used Apple's tool for transffering from a windows PC to Mac. Worked a charm mostly - except I have tio learn how photos, mail, file handling etc are different. My music library mostly went over without a hitch. Problem is while all my itunes music purchases and music...
  7. decafjava

    Switching to MacOS

    Wasn't sure where to post this. Well here is as good as any, so I'm finally making the jump to Mac OS - last Apple computer I had was an Apple II in the 1980s. Been using an iPhone since 2011 (4,5 and 6). As my Windows 7 box is getting long in the tooth and crashing with alarming frequency I...
  8. decafjava

    Wav files no longer playing on Itunes 12

    I have the latest iTunes for windows 7 (64 bit). I have some old WAV files I downloaded years ago, copyright free mostly WWII era songs and anthems. Funny things is they play fine on my iPhone not on my computer. All other aac, mpeg files play fine. Not sure what changed - then again...
  9. decafjava

    smartplaylists not on phone ios 10 and other troubles

    The icons are there but there are NO songs in the actual playlist. :thumbsdown: The same happened briefly when I turned on icloud library a month or two ago before I reverted. I also seem to be missing the "optimise space" option in music which I understand is a new feature. I also don't like...
  10. decafjava

    No (computer) Trust

    Why is it every time I plug my iPhone 6 in to backup/sync to my computer I get the popup on my iphone's screen asking if I trust this computer. Every darn time. It doesn't always show up on the Explorer window either (Windows 7) - nor ask to download any new photos it detects as it used to. I...
  11. decafjava

    Starting over: Setting up as New

    Ok I'd like to set up my phone as new (iPhone 6 bought in November 2014). Basically had some battery weirdness (larger than normal percentage jumps mainly and the impression of less usage). Just came back from the Apple store for the 2nd time in as many months. They said my diagnostics check out...
  12. decafjava

    ATV causing Win 7 crash?

    Ok so I resolved my issues with the ATV - was a non-issue as Airplay can stream Apple music from iTunes on my PC or my iPhone as well as my library of ripped and purcahsed songs. Problem is my computer, has crashed several times (BSOD) in fact just a black screen which forces me to reboot...
  13. decafjava

    Never Impulse Buy

    Buyer's regret for an impulse purchase of an ATV 3 before Xmas. The main reason I bought it was to stream my iTunes library (music mainly) through my TV as I just got some multimedia speakers to replace my old and obsolete stereo. So I set it up, easy as pie, and now can stream all my music and...
  14. decafjava

    Annoying popup

    Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know that I have been getting annoying popups (screenshot attached, sorry it's in German as I post from Switzerland) . This in spite of the fact I block popups in Firefox (Windows 7 at work and home). Is doesn't seem to happen with Chrome. Is it my browser...
  15. decafjava

    App Store Updates Issue

    I've had this strange problem ever since I've upgraded to ios 8 in that app store updates on my iphone 5 are very very slow, or not at all. When I try to update an app, whether on wifi or 4g the wheel starts rotating and it continues with no result. Usually I force-quit the app store. Same thing...
  16. decafjava

    App Update Description Gone in iTunes 12

    Seriously, what is the deal here? when I check apps to download in the new iTunes, the update description is missing! Am I missing a setting or did Apple drop this useful feature for no reason I can think of? Too bad since I actually like the new iTunes much better than iTunes 11 overall...
  17. decafjava

    ios 7: Smart playlists not updating properly

    Well though I am pretty positive about ios 7 I've found a very annoying bug with my smartplaylists. I mostly use them with the "last played is not XXX" rule. I'll have one smartplaylist pointed to a second static one and sync the smartplaylist to my iPhone 5. On itunes 11 when I play the list...
  18. decafjava

    Earphone vs. IEM battery drain?

    I just wanted to ask if there is a significant difference in battery drain between headphones (on or over ear) vs. earbuds or in-ear monitors. I know that on-board music uses very little battery as it is, as I understand that noise reducing headphones have batteries - but I have the feeling full...
  19. decafjava

    iPhone unlocking question

    Hello all. I recently decided to "pay it forward" with my old (but still excellent condition) iPhone 4 since I upgraded to an iPhone 5 early this year. I gave it to the teenage son of a friend and former colleague of mine. I asked my carrier about unlocking and they told me to make a request...
  20. decafjava

    Just got the iPhone 5: Hello Siri

    So I got my iPhone 4 two years ago this month-joined MacRumours soon thereafter. As I up to renew my contract I took the opportunity to upgrade to an iPhone 5 (white, 64GB). Finally I will see what the hype about a slightly taller screen, Siri, etc. is all about. It will only be activated...