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    For those tough stains you just can't get out....

    Get Mascul-Out! -the Hamster
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    THIS Mondays attempt at humor

    Here is another for you guys..... - the Hamster
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    For a late Thursday night laugh

    Another link for you guys in case you haven't seen this one. SNL's Version of Harry Potter with Lindsay Lohan. - the Hamster
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    For a Monday Laugh........
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    HP is getting in on it too......

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hewlett-Packard Co., one of several computer companies pushing into the consumer electronics market, plans to launch an HP-branded online music store in the first quarter, most likely at a January trade show, an HP executive said Tuesday...
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    Microsoft confirms music store plans.....

    Nov. 17 ? Microsoft has at last confirmed plans that it will launch its own music-download store next year, putting it on the path to direct competition with Apple Computer?s iTunes and a growing list of rival digital song stores. Even MS is...
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    NYC Marathon

    Just got back from watching the runners as they came over the Verrazano, just a few blocks from where I live and I paid special attention to the music devices that many of the runners were carrying and there were a large number of 'Pods to be seen. Most held them in their hand, others seems to...
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    iTunes update from within the program itself

    According to the announcement on the ITunes update on CNet existing users would be update from within the program itself by going to Help -> Check for updates I have been trying throughout the day but so far I keep getting the message "4.1 is the current version". Has anyone been able to...
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    Copying smartlists?

    If I create a smartlist on one computer that has the same exact music as another computer in the library can I copy that smartlist over to the second PC?
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    Choppin' up MP3's

    What is the best software for either the PC or Mac to break up one large MP3 into multiple smaller MP3's. For instance if you had an entire album in one MP3 and you wanted to break it up into individual songs. Any recommendations on software or best practices in doing this? Thanks
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    Connection problems with Win2K Server

    OS - Win2K Server SP4 Firewire Card - Belkin 3 Port PCI card purchased at Best Buy IPods- 2nd Gen 20 gig (1.3), 3rd Gen 15 gig (2.0.1) Problem: 1.) IPod is not assigned a drive letter unless it is plugged into the firewire card as the system boots up. 2.) Once it is assigned a drive letter I am...
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    Best way to reapir scratches.....?

    No no, not those kind of scratches. I think we have had enough threads about Brasso, iCleaner and the like the last few days. Basically I have decided to undertake the task of re-ripping my entire CD collection, which is many many many many CD's. The reason I am doing so is the first go around...
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    Just wanted to say for curiosity sake I downloaded the new Musicmatch Jukebox and I have to say it looks surprisingly good. Nowhere near as crappy as the site. In fact it reminds me of ITunes (at least the little experience I have had with it in the Apple store). Seems to have a...
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    Suggestions on IPod not being recognized

    Using: OS - Windows 2000 Server Unit - IPod 2nd Gen 20 gig (but I also sync with my 3rd gen 15 gig on the same machine) *problem is exact with both Pod's* Syncing using Belkin firewire card purchased from Best Buy. Ephpod version 2.70a If I reboot the machine with the IPod plugged in the IPod...
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    Free Music Online

    No, it?s not what you think. Actually what I am looking for is recommendations in the way of artists who have not hit the big time yet and have been kind enough to offer their music free of charge for download on the net. Sites like offer a broad selection of music, mostly by relative...