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    ipod no longer associates with one computer with iTunes 7?

    A bit of background: I have a 30gig ipod video. It is PC formatted as I use it to move files around sometimes, but my main library is on a Mac and therefore that is how I always sync it (on the Mac). I still have to connect to the PC when I want to update system software since on the Mac it...
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    iTunes 4.5 finally works properly with MS multimedia keyboard!

    Not sure if this has been reported yet, but iTunes 4.5 is the first version that seems to completely work with the keyboard media keys on a microsoft natural keyboard. The play/pause button never worked before - this is great!
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    Creating CD covers from iTunes in windows?

    I know there are some neat addons for iTunes mac that allow CD covers to be designed and created from playlists. Is there an equivalent for windows? (a prog that would read iTunes exported song list XML would be fine) - I want to make some CD covers for burnt discs I'm making as stocking...
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    moving songs to a different folder - how to keep iTunes updated?

    I manage my own folders for various reasons. Sometimes I want to move a whole bunch of songs from one folder to another - but when this happens, if I just do it and readd the songs, iTunes adds a duplicate and the old entry gets 'broken' - is there any way automatically clean up all the...
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    iTunes installs gearSecurity CDRW service

    I noticed a new process running, gearsec.exe - I keep an eye on my running processes and know it wasn't there before iTunes. So I disabled the service, and now when i start itunes it warns me that it cannot burn or import without re-enabling it. This is a FYI thread, in case you see...
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    what mp3 encoder does iTunes use?

    Is it a proprietary encoder? I'd like to use LAME but from what I've read in other posts it is not possible to specify the encoder - so I'd like to know how good the built in one is. It sounds decent to me, but I *think* I can hear some problems with the low end bass in some songs (or it could...
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    PLEASE remove the flash-based advertisements

    they consume 100% cpu on my athelon xp2100 and even cause music to pause, not to mention grinding my browser to a halt. I wan't to support the site, but these ads are horrible
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    ephpod corrupts smart playlists made by itunes

    this is unfortunate - see my thread at I hope ephpod next version can co-exist (or support ?? !) with dynamic playlists, because they are a very nice feature.
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    ephpod corrupts smart playlists, and itunes likes to alter ipod database

    I've been using the solution of 'transferring songs in ephpod but using iTunes to make playlists' and I've noticed 2 things 1 - after I make a smart playlist, the next time I do a sync in ephpod the smart playlists become regular playlists and lose their dynamic behaviour (opneing itunes again...
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    ephpod doesn't work with system software 2.1?

    I restored my ipod to system software 2.1 (so blank) - then added some songs with ephpod, and everything seemed to go ok - but when I disconnect the ipod there are no songs??!
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    BSOD with USB2 - worked fine with USB 1.1

    I just got a 5 port usb2 card (Cicero, generic) and the #### thing causes a BSOD when I open any management software after connecting my iPod. I know I have all the drivers installed correctly (i've tried generic windows 2000 drivers and the ones that came with the card, same behaviour) - the...
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    iTunes Definite Bug List

    Lets keep this thread to definite bugs, that have been verified by at least a few users. Don't repeat detailed information found in other threads, just link to them with a short description. Maybe a mod can make it sticky. Here is what I have found 1) importing .m3u playlists results in...
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    lol, the flash banner on this forum site causes iTunes to pause . . .

    and I have a fairly high end PC! How ironic that it is advertising 'noise cancellation'.
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    question about smart playlists

    Being a new iTunes user (for now . . .) I'm wondering if the 'smart' data is 2 way - for example I play a bunch of tunes on my PC in iTunes - the smart lists update themselves, and then sync over to my iPod if I synchronize. OK. But when I listen on my ipod, and the usage changes, does this...
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    importing .m3u playlists (made by winamp) results in duplicate entries in library

    see topic. I think this is a bug (or attempted feature) in reading the metadata out of .m3u files because of the way .m3u files are layed out - for example here is one entry in an .m3u file - itunes makes the title tag in the library based on the title being '50 Cent - 02 - What Up Gangsta'...
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    A couple questions - help appreciated

    Quick specs: MMJB: ver 7.5 (came with ipod) ipod: 10GB, new style questions/concerns: first is that I have about 7GB of music in my MMJB library, but when I try and sync the whole library (onto the empty iPod) it complains that there is not enough space. There should be 3GB to spare! As a...