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    Is regular price in stores, but why so expensive on ebay?

    Hello all, i was wondering why the nano was soooo expensive on ebay, 2GB sells for about $220-240. but if you go to, its only $199.
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    is the connect music store compatible with my ipod mini?

    i just got some free downloads from the connect music store so i was just wondering
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    Question about Rating each song

    In shuffle mode,if some songs are 4+ stars,will they play more often? if some songs are 3- stars,will they be played less? or is it just COMPLETELY random? o.O
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    Help! my friends mini only last for about 3 hours!!

    he has the newest gen,his is defective huh? -_--
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    Anyone know where i can get this song? Itunes doesnt have it!

    its called "catch your wave" By "The Click five"
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    Help me..cannot get get songs from itunes!

    Help me..cannot get songs from itunes! I recently got a "5 free songs" beacuse of paypal,but when ever i try to buy a song it says "There was an error dowloading your purchased music.An unkown error has ocurred (-50).Use the check for purchased music commmand in the advanced menu to try again...
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    Your highest score on brick and parachute?

    I got 237 on brick,and 117 on parachute.These games are seriously hard,becuz of the controls and sometimes the scroll wheel lags so it becomes hard to aim in the game parachute!:( whats your highest score for these games? :confused: :)
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    Hmmm....Sony or Apple?

    ok,i have an ipod mini,it has about 849 songs,but i still have ALOT more CD's.I was looking at all the brands of mp3's,and saw a Sony NW-HD3 BLACK Network Walkman,which looks totally awsome,and ALOT cheaper,than a 20GB+ ipod.The question is,should i sell my ipod mini and buy a 20GB ipod,or sell...
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    On average,how long does the battery last on your mini?

    Mines last for bout 8 1/2 hours with about 2/3 of the battery icon drained.
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    Has anyone tried the ipodagent?

    Hello! I am trying to transfer my song on my ipod into the itunes library,I saw some person saying that you should tried the ipod agent.I was wondering if it is easy and safe to use? Im afraid to download it becuz it might wipe out all the songs on my ipod and then i'll have nothing to listen...
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    Ipod Shuffle For Sale

    I am Selling a USED Ipod shuffle,its still in perfect working condition! For MORE Details email me at: [email protected] or IM me at Craptastic98 Tahnk you :)