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    Contour Design Showcase: Customer Service

    I bought a Contour Design Showcase over a year ago; it quickly became my favorite case (use it for general transportation and especially working out). I used a Mareware Sportsuit Convertible before that--it's also a good case, and I still use it when I travel (the cover is nice for this)...
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    Canal Phones: An Overview

    This is a wonderful article I stumbled across the other day: Overview of Canal Phones Since this has been stickified, I'll add some of what's missing, and my opinion (take it with a grain, or heck, a whole shaker of salt) on where they fit in: Sony EX71's--Single driver; MSRP $49.00, easy...
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    For those of you with 4.5 and 2.2 probs:

    I was having all sorts of problems with memory, songs being skipped and not playing, and was contemplating going back to earlier Itunes/firmware. When I upgraded my firmware to 2.2, I just did the upgrade. Today, out of desperation, I went back and did a full restore using the 2.2 firmware (I...
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    High end (Shure E2/3/5 Ety) ear gear discussion

    Totally off subject, but since I've never hijacked a thread before, I don't feel the least bit of guilt.... Whoa!! Jacko, when did you get the E2's??? No posts in the headphone forum? I'm disappointed my friend...:D I feel Ety 4P's in your future (Or perhaps the Shure E5's??).
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    Just read in the paper that the official term for ipodders is "poddies" (kinda like trekkies I suppose). Ugh. I prefer ipodders, and think this is a serious injustice. I can just hear it now: Hey, are you poddie trained? Makes me almost want to buy a zen. Well, not really.:D At least...
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    AAC versus MP3

    Here is a very detailed article about mp3/AAC--much of it is over my head, but it is still very interesting (the last page is definitely worth checking out if you're into this sort of thing):
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    Koss KSC 55

    My Shure's are in for repair, so I needed a quick fix for a headphone for the gym. I was going to use my old EX's, but this gave me an excuse to buy a new pair of phones... The Koss KSC 35 have achieved mythlike status at for a portable, semi open headphone--and they were cheap...
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    Here Comes Napster!

    Check it out: Can't find what file type is going to be offered though.... Man, I'd love to see a seperate thread here at the lounge in the music section dedicated only to legitimate online music stores, such as Itunes, Rhapsody, Emusic.......
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    Anybody have any experience with this site? I scanned it--they actually have a pretty decent selection. It's an interesting setup--the price of a song is determined by the demand for it--they don't appear (at least at a glance) to go any higher than 99 cents, and go as low as 15 cents, with...
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    Timmy, you are WAY out of line there my friend. First of all, it's not a "blow up Duncan doll"; it's an "inflatable Duncan". Second of all, Bob already owns one. I mailed one to him a long time ago. So we don't have to get each of them one. Geesh... But the mods are awesome--kudos...
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    Legit Online Music Thread

    Just a thought, but I thought it might be worth considering a permanent subheading in here for discussion of legitimate online music services, with subcategories (stickies) for Itunes for Mac,(granted, it would take some reorganization, as it's already in the mac thread, but soon there will be...
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    Adam's Media Center Help Guide

    Adam's post from over at the old lounge: Kurt hath requested, I must oblige the all mighty moderator. I threw together a little MJ User Guide since so many new folks are trying it out. Sort of a tutorial of sorts on the basics of Media Center (formerly Media Jukebox) and getting tunes onto...
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    Download Trial Version of Media Center 9

    Someone please reteach Timmy's Avatar the Macerana It's been pointed out that we don't have a link to Media Center's download page. Well, now we do. If you want to download it, they offer a free, fully functional 30 day trial Here Note: this thread was blatantly copied from Adam's post at...
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    Media Center 9 help at Jriver

    The answers to most of the questions regarding MC9/ipod can be found here on the forum, but occasionally a problem will come up that Adam or Kurt can't fix--that can only be fixed by the developers of MC9 over at Jriver. If you are having a particular problem, especially with ripping/encoding...
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    Sticky's from the old forum

    Anyway to get some of the more important "sticky threads" copied over here (especially the ones with links), or, if it's not legitimate to copy them word for word, put sticky threads with the same intent in place(ie Adam's Media Center 9 guide really needs to be in the new forums)? I know it...