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    USB not recognized. New issue.

    I got a new 80GB iPOD to replace the 4th gen 40GB that just died (HDD issue). I cannot get the computer to recognize it via USB. I had the same problem with my 40GB via USB, however it would usually work via firewire. This new one will not let me use firewire, so I am forced to try to resolve...
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    Trade in broken iPOD for refurb

    After 2 years of lolyal service, my 4th gen (no video) Ipod gave up on me. This is a refurb replacement for the original one I had. I went up to the Apple store and they told me it was 4 months out of warranty (of course) and that my options were to trade it in for a refurb just like it (and pay...
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    How to Sync New iPOD

    Long story 40GB 4th gen Ipod died. Apple replaced with identical new one. Now, how do I get ITunes to recognize it?
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    moving entire IPOD contents

    I have been searching on here for about 1.5 hrs. I can find plenty on network sharing but nothing for what I want to do. I want to take my IPOD and load everything onto another computer under a file (lets say C:\ My Music). Is there a way for me to plug the IPOD into another computer that does...
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    which app to use

    long story short: 1.i had all of my music library on a 2nd Hard Drive 2. That HDD crashed 3. All the songs are still on my IPOD 4. What app to use to copy the songs from Ipod to a new folder to import to ITUNES Library? I want to keep all songs, titles etc intact if possible. Thanks!!!!
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    Good Hardcore/Emo/Punk

    Good Hardcore/Emo/Punk/other great music Whats up folks. First post. Welcome to me :D I hail from Charlotte, NC and am glad to be here. Just trying to get some thoughts from folks on my first post. What are folks' favorite Hardcore/punk/emo bands. And NO, Blink 182 is not Punk. My Votes...