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    photo albums don't show up on my iPhone

    ...under Photos/Camera roll, but DO show up in settings under wallpapers.. why?
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    Where is crossfading??

    I don't get it.. my Nano has crossfading..
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    How does the family plan work?

    Do I have to pay $25 for BOTH lines, as in $50 total.. or is the data plan shared?
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    So how do I switch from T-Mobile to AT&T?

    I want to keep my same number. Right now I'm with T-Mobile on my mom's family plan. When the iPhone is available for preorder I want to sign up for it.. but I want to transfer my old #. If I transfer my old # does that disconnect me from t-mobile immediately? What do I need to transfer my #?
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    Is there a place with premade itunes/music playlists?

    Is there somewhere I can go to download premade playlists for iTunes or even windows media player? Something I can import to iTunes and then supply the music on my own. Or even use with my existing music library and it'll just skip the ones I don't have? Maybe something like a DJ's playlist...
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    So how does starting a new account work?

    In June I'd like to switch to AT&T from T-mbile and get an iPhone. I'm not on any contract right now. My mom and grandma are, but it will probably run out sometime soon after I sign up. Can all 3 of us eventually sign up and buy an iphone? Can I take my mom and grandma's new iphones (which they...
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    I think Apple has finally screwed up (err, since 2000)

    Because really the iPad fills a niche that never existed. It really isn't all that functional compared to a simple netbook.. it's big and bulky.. well I mean I'm sure most of you can see where I'm going with this. No need to really explain, I just think this is going to be one of those things...
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    So the new Nano DOES take pics right?

    Or is it JUST a video camera? It'd be odd if it was..
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    I need a better in-car solution than an FM transmitter

    ANY options, please tell me. Even if the minimum is tearing out my stock radio and putting in a new one with an ipod port or something.
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    New Nano 1.0.4 update keeps giving me the blue screen of death.

    Does this happen to anyone else? It tries to extract it/install within itunes but then I get the BSOD
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    What could I get for my 4th gen?

    Perfect condition, 16GB
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    I just want to rub it in to all the naysayers about cameras.

    A while back I suggested two things, that Apple would add cameras to Nanos and that Apple would make their own iCamera. I don't know about the second one but in both cases people were so damn stubborn, resistant, pigheaded and against (or at least in the way of "it will NEVER EVER EVER happen")...
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    Can a person in Japan use itunes? buy itunes anyway

    UGH what is wrong with this site? I had to use firefox just to get this form to load.. Anyway here's the situation my friend has a band in Japan. I was thinking she'd give me her songs and I, in America, would get them up for sale on iTunes. Could people in Japan find her songs on American...
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    Is this site abandoning IE or something?

    UGH what is wrong with this site? I had to use firefox just to get this form to load.. I can never post new threads lately with IE
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    Apple's next product line, a point and shoot camera?

    I don't know why I never thought of this before, and honestly for a long time I thought they'd put cameras on their next iPod Nanos, but it really dawned on me that Apple could really make a killing by putting a large dent in the point and shoot camera market. By actually making a dedicated...
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    Ug the new Shuffle is so stupid

    I don't mean to make such a blasphemous title but it's how I feel. Where are the buttons on this thing? Oh, on the really crappy OEM headphones we included. Yeah thanks but no... It just defeats the purpose really of having a Shuffle I think. I'm glad I've already moved on to Nanos..
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    So how can I move my iTunes to another PC as if it had never moved?

    This is a pretty general question but I want to get specific. I don't care about ratings/playcounts/dates or anything like that. I DO care about podcast settings/subscriptions, album art, playlists, what music I have in my library etc. I have itunes on a laptop right now but I am going to get...
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    bllaaaAAArararrrrgh! my screen pops everytime I touch it

    everytime I touch my screen it makes a popping sounds... it's been doing this for a couple months what can I do here?
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    How do I get iTunes to realize my PC is the same PC it always was?

    I installed XP again on my computer and reinstalled iTunes and reauthroized my account and it said something like "You have used 3 out of 5 authorizations" and I just installed Vista on the same PC now and want to reauthorize itunes but I don't want it to use a 4th authorization as if it was...
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    How do I transfer my library and settings to a new OS on the same PC? (dualboot)

    I currently have XP and am going to install a second copy of XP and dualboot for a while. My current XP is so bogged down with crap and I need to do a fresh install but I thought it would be easier to partition/split, dualboot and transfer files and programs over one at a time so I don't miss...