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    Which Cleaning/Polishing Product?

    Please vote if you were very satisfied with one or even better if you have tried more than one, post saying so. Thanks for all your continued help with my everyday ipod needs:D !
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    Found a cheap way to polish nicely that works really well

    Its called cape cod metal polishing cloths. theres 2 that come in a pack and they each have about 10 uses. they're about $5 usd with tax. I found them at a small hardware store. I bet you could get them online. They smell good and I dont think they are that abrasive. If your not quite ready to...
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    Upset with

    Upset with NEW POST ATTN LAJO! I ordered an exo the second day it was available on in bubblegum for 30gb. I got a confirmation email and then through all the saga i never heard from them. Then when i heard that the bubblegum was shipping i egarly awaited it at my door. I...
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    iCleaner, ipod cleaner

    what stores can i buy it in, offline? Is it worth it, my ipod is pretty scratched and i'm afraid to use brasso because its for brass, not apple metal, and its really liquidy and if it gets in the wrong crevice it could ruin it, and also would it clean the screen?
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    What Should I name my Ipod??

    what are some clever/cute names for my ipod. what are your ipods named?
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    found an awesome accessory site! they have wheel covers and screen protectors for the new ipod!
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    New Speck iPod Skin

    Where can I buy it? Will someone else email the web master at j and r and tell him that we want them. cause they told me if we email they'll buy. they always give the price guarentee and are free shipping with most stuff and besides i have $20 credit there...... please it only takes a minute. do...
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    iPod Armor Is totally worth it!

    I love it! i got the wrong size from think diff store (their mistake) and i sent it back to them, they sent me a new one in a week, no questions asked! It fits like a glove and the ipod is easy to get out (i hav a 30 gb), protects really well and looks really smart. i am thrilled with my...
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    Shall I Jam or Groove?

    Which is better Jam Jacket or Groove Jacket? I have a 30gb ipod and they seem almost the same to me. Pros, Cons of each?
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    What do the business class seats on united have power wise? is there any cord to plug it into that to charge it?
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    DLO Jam Jacket

    When is it comming out?? I ordered one, when do you think it would get to me?
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    Ipod armor

    I just got an ipod armor and it didn't fit my 30gb ipod! I threw out the box yesterday and it was barely touched. I would sell it for $45(im pretty flexible) with free shipping(within the continental usa). Would anyone do me the favor of buying it. it was a birthday present and I'm not allowed...
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    Confused: Ipod armor

    im wondering if its goin to fit my 30gb cause on one site it says in a review it fits all of them, then it says on the think different store(where i bought it) that it only fits the originals. i really hope it fits otherwise i need to look around to find the box to return it...
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    Ipod armor

    can someone please post a list of places(online) i can buy one other than the site? preferably in in the usa. also, where I can get a beltclip for it at a reasonable price. thanks! Mickey
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    Celebrity Ipod

    i know all that, i wanted to see an actual picture of them
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    Celebrity Ipod

    Does n e one have pictures of each of them? are they going to bring um back? how can i get one?
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    A cover for the wheel

    Does any one know of a screen cover and a wheel cover on a website in the usa? I found a few in japan, but im not crazy about shipping. also, does anyone know of a iskin type case for the new 30gb? Thanks! Mickey