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    Updated Expired Podcasts - broken with iTunes 7.7.1

    I recently upgrade to iTunes 7.7.1. Don't know if that's the reason but when I try to run Update Expired Podcasts I get the following cryptic message: {<<class cURT>> ud 31391 of <<class cUsP>> id 30639 of <<class cSrc>> id 42 o application "iTunes"} doesn't understand the <<event hookUpd1>>...
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    Comine Automator and Applescripts

    I use a few of Doug's scripts to convert and manage my podcasts in iTunes. I'd like to use automator to kick off a set of processes around 5:00 a.m. so that my iPod is synched and ready to go when I wake up and get my coffee. I have zero experience with Automator and don't know how to write...
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    Quick Convert - no longer working?

    I've been using Quick Convert to convert MP3 podcasts to bookmarkable AAC files (M4B). I love it. In the last week, however, the files no longer can play "faster" on my iPod. They appear to be M4B files according to Get Info but the Slower/Normal/Faster option doesn't appear on the iPod. My...
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    Podcast clients for mac

    I just switched to mac over the Christmas holiday (Mac Pro with 5GB and 1.5 TB hd). I love it. I'm slowly finding replacements for some of my favorite PC apps. I've replaced Markable (for creating audiobooks) with Audiobook Builder which so far is working great. I'm at a loss for a good...
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    Unplug Headphone Requires Reboot

    During the day, I listen to my iPod via some powered computer speakers plugged into the headphone jack of the iPod. I also keep the iPod on a charger. Nine times out of ten, I need to hard reboot the iPod in order to reactivate the headphone jack so I can listen while I'm walking to my car. I...
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    Best way to hide tracks

    New iPod/iTunes user hear. A couple of questions. 1) What is the checkmark for next to Name in the library windows of iTunes? I thought perhaps it was to indicate that something should not be synched with the iPod but that doesn't seem to be the case. 2) What is the best way to hide or...
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    Turn off the ripping chime

    Hi! I'm a new iPod/iTunes user. I'm beginning to rip my 500+ CD collection and wonder if there is a way to turn off the chime that happens after a track is ripped? It prevents me from using audio on other applications while ripping. For instance, I was viewing some video tutorials on the...