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    Setting Genre for streaming audio (radio stations)

    I have selected several streaming radio stations that I have included in my iTunes setup. I organize my media using the Genre tag wherever I can. I tried to set the Genre for these streams to "Radio". However, whenever I start a stream, it resets the Genre to whatever the radio station wants the...
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    Griffin Autopilot info. request (pulsating charge indicator)

    I'm considering purchasing the Griffin AutoPilot. My one concern, from what I have read so far, is the pulsating charge indicator on the plug. Could someone out there with an AutoPilot shoot a quick nighttime video and put it on YouTube or something for me? Barring that, I'd also take some...
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    3Gen Dock Connecting FM Transmitter in Car?

    I need a new FM transmitter for my car. I need one that will connect using the dock connector for both charging and audio out. Ideally, it would also have the "scan for clearest station" feature, and include a cradle, but those are not deal-breakers. I've had issues finding a desktop speaker...
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    Rental Cars with Aux-In?

    I'm going to be flying into Chicago O'Hare soon, and I'll be driving a lot once I get there. I'd really like to rent a car that has an 1/8" auxiliary input jack. Searching for <rental car> on this forum, I found a meyerhaus thread where he stated that "2006 Chevrolet Impalas (my rental car)...
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    Problems with "stop time"

    I'm working with a 65-minute AIFF file (recorded from an instructional videotape), and I'm trying to break it up into useful-size pieces. The first three worked correctly. However, on the fourth "chunk", which should have ended at 9:27, it would stop at 9:23. I tried setting the "stop time"...
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    Compilations and CDDB Safari Kit v2.1

    Is there any way for the CDDB Safari Kit to access the actual artist name for each track if the CD is a compilation? It appears to only grab 1 name.
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    quality: Cassette Adaptor vs FM Modulator

    I haven't decided if I want to sacrifice my CD player in my car. Presently, I'm using a cassette adaptor for my iPod. I know that Aux In is the best, and FM transmitter is the worst, but which is better: cassette adaptor or FM modulator? (Also, when using a cassette adaptor, does the Dolby...
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    Internal Apple Document leaked - Frozen 3rd Gen

    The guys over at Chaosmint found a bunch of listings for internal documents at Apple's Knowledgebase. The last one on the list reads: Unfortunately, they don't have the text of the actual KB article, but it is a start.
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    Major iTMS news?

    I just went to Apple's iPod discussion board, and this was posted in big bold letters across the top: "The iTunes Music Store will be unavailable on Sunday, September 21, 2003 from Midnight to approximately 2:30AM Pacific Daylight Time. Please plan to visit the iTunes Music Store either before...
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    iVolume 1.2 (update 9/12)

    iVolume This is a Mac app that should normalize the volumes of songs using a more rigerous algorythm than Sound Check. As of today, it is also supposed to auto-correct for the "volume adjustment" bug on the iPod. I haven't tried it yet; I can't even read the manual right now, since it is...
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    Append to Selected Tag -> modification date

    I'm using "Append to Selected Tag" to mass-tag my files; this will allow me to make more creative Smart Playlists. It worked great on iTunes, and my Smart Playlists are doing just what I want there. However, the Smart Playlists aren't giving me the results I want on the iPod, and I finally...
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    Hi, I'm a new user and have a question that I just thought of, and thought I'd post it. I'm sure no one else has thought of this question, so I just went ahead and posted it. Even though, if I looked around in this forum for five seconds, I'd see that the same question was posted three lines...
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    How popular is your iSkin color?

    Just found on Lajo's website, under the ordering tab, a link that gives the top sellers for the last 30 days. You aren't a true nonconformist unless you ordered the Ferrari Yellow ;).
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    ProClip opinions?

    Just saw the announcement for the ProClip for iPod. Reviews of ProClip attachments in general seem to be pretty positive. What do people think of this one? Do you think it will be scratch-prone? How about space on the bottom for the Belkin charger?
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    Where did go?

    I just went to see if they had any updated information, and now the website just says "You are invited to Yohance Networks Breakfast Meeting." Breakfast? I just want my @#*&@^ iSkin, as the other thread so aptly put it. I have a bad feeling about this... Is it just my computer? [edit] I...
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    notification emails?

    I used to receive emails when new messages were posted to certain threads. I checked my UserCP, and I still have thread subscriptions. Did that part of the board break, or was it something I did?
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    thought: Grab OTG Playlist

    While I wouldn't personally have a use for this script, a lot of other people would probably like an applescript that grabbed the current OTG playlist from the iPod and saved it as a regular playlist in iTunes, perhaps default named to the current date/time. Not sure how this would work, or if...
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    no posts in the last 1000 days?

    I keep getting a "no posts in the last 1000 days" message, so I thought I'd post a test message?
  19. T web updates: 7/31 and 8/1

    Just caught this at their warning page, for those of you who missed it:
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    CDDB Safari - count limit?

    I'm trying to use the CDDB Safari applescript, which I have used successfully in the past. This time, however, it is failing for me. The CD in question has 28 tracks. The playlist I find on CDDB has 28 tracks. The script tells me that the number of songs is incorrect, and fails at that time...