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    Need Contour Showcase advice, please hep!

    hi, i already own an iSkin but i need a hard case for putting my ipod in my bag and snowborading. Does anyone have any advice about tackin my ipod snowboarding in this case, i have been looking at the ipod armour but dont like the way u have to expose the ipod to change the track. Then i looked...
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    Buyng an iPodArt Case in the UK

    Does anyone know where or how i can get one of these really cool cases in the uk (
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    Using the hPod stickers on the currents ipods?

    I've been on holiday for a months so forgive me if this has already been said, but i just read about the hPod or what ever it is going to be called. Is it basically all hp laptops etc. will come pre-installed with iTunes and the shop? and the ipod has HP written on the back? I also read that hp...
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    What is in the new iTunes 4.6?

    What is in the new iTunes 4.6?
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    Help with DIY iPod case: Turning Original Nintendo GAMEBOY into 3g iPod case

    I need help turning my old RETRO gameboy into a case for my ipod. I wanna take it into 2 halves and remove the insides (i'm stilll gonna keep them) i'll line the inside with foam so that the ipod screen lines up with the gameboy screen. 'Cus the old retro gameboy buttons (yeah the dark red ones)...
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    WTB: A iPod Case for 3g 20gb, the actual cover of the iPod is wanted, UK

    I want the actual cover of the iPod , i live in the UK. possibly of a broken iPod, whos owner is selling parts. Please Post Here
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    What the in-line remote should be like..

    I think this is what the iPod in-line rmeot should be like, (im not very good at drawing/editting so it is the best i could do):
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    My "DIY Charger" killed my iPod

    Yes it killed my iPod read more about it here:
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    iPod won't charge!

    I plugged my iPod into my DIY battery charger, exactly the same as everyone else has built in the "my ghetto $3.95 DIY charger" thread. I left it for 10 minutes and when i came back it was sooooo hot, and the screen was dark after it cooled of and i turned the contrast down a little it was ok...
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    Please share your most creative playlist titles.

    What playlists do you have?
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    Near death drop of desk!!

    was sitting at my desk browsing iPod Lounge and I turned around to watch TV. A sharp movement of my iPod on my desk startled me I turned to see it hanging on the brink of death. I almost fainted. But then realising it was attached to my dock lead and was very secure I breathed a sigh of relief...
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    When is th mini coming out in the UK?

    This has probably been asked before but i was wondering if anyone knows when the iPod mini is coming out in the UK?:confused:
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    Would 2 9v Batterys work in a DIY iPod Charger?

    im making one at the weekend and i was wondering would 2 9v Batterys work in a DIY iPod Charger?
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    Backlight Question

    everytime i press a button my backlight comes on, i have set the timer so it goes of after 5 seconds. Is this normall? I have heard backlight wastes battery so there is no point having it on in day-light. Thanks.
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    How does the iPod organise your music????

    hi, iam getting my iPod tomorrow but i already have iTunes, I was wondering if it would be best to add my albums as playlists, so it is like listening to the album or just putting it all in the main bit. As i dont have an iPod yet i am wondering how it sets out your music and if it is easy to...
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    Can i put songs onto my iPod while it is on it's first charge?

    Can i put songs onto my iPod while it is on it's first charge? I don't want to mess the battey up cus i know the first charge is important to the battery life after, anyone know anything about this? Thanks
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    Range on Griffin iTrip?

    Does anybody know what the range on the Griffin iTrip is?
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    Swivel lego stand (with pics, the link work this time)

    Lego iPod Stand, i followe da tutorial then modified it so it swivels on a turntable, tell me what you think.
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    Anyone selling any thing in the UK?

    Anyone selling any thing in the UK? I am an EnglishPodder and i was wonderin if people would tell me what they are selling in the uk. Or if you dont want to put it here, then put it in the subject bar e.g: UK iTrip for Sale. Thanks MrOats
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    My Lego Stand WITH PICS

    here are my lego stand pictures, it swivells and has a charge channel running along the inside/bottom, let me know what you think! MrOats