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    Please help...

    i have a 3g ipod 30 gb for PC.... first problem...i accidently deleted all my backup! second problem...will not charge when plugged into wall adapter - only with car adapter. i have already tried using a file recovery software but it is too slow and the ipod dies before i can recover...
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    Grand Opening Apple Store in Chicago

    Hey guys anyone here from chicago thats going to this? cus I wouldn't miss it for the world.
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    Question about MP3 Gain

    Ok guys, i just finished re-ripping my collection into Mp3 VBR (Final f***in-ly) it sounds a million times better by the way. Ok so my question is, if i do an al### analysis and then do a max no clip al### gain will that damage the quality of the music....i mean i know it will remove the clip...
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    Ipod Saves the Day

    So on Saturday my sister In-Law had a Birthday party at our house (her house too) and everything was going according to plans, but then all her people are big rockheads and all they had was rock music to listen to, and they started getting restless and wanting to dance but noone has dance music...
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    What is Your Pod full of?

    Hey guys, I was just curious as to what artist everyone has most of on their pods? 1.The Smashing Pumpkins 2.Radiohead 3.Paul Oakenfold 4.The Red Hot CHili Peppers Currently Playing: Heavy Metal Machine Version 1:Smashing Pumpkins:Machina II/the friends and the enemies of modern music:
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    WTB: 10gb or 15gb

    Hey guys, im looking for a 10 or 15 your price (reasonably), im also willing to trade a Compaq Ipaq Pocket PC 3700 series in Very Good Condition with extras in this transaction. email me if your interested,
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    Attention: All Modz (moderators)

    :o This maybe a little off topic....but have you guys ever considered starting like a raffle of some sort....for example...ask people to pay for a ticket and raffle off an iPod? cus that would be cool....i pretty sure people would like a new iPod for the price of a raffle ticket, well if there...
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    how to set the ripper to alt-preset-standard "fast"

    im trying to re-rip my cds using MC9 but i want to set it to alt-preset-standard "fast" how can i do that?
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    Please Help, need best program for Tagging my MP3 Library.....

    Can someone please help me, I need a really good program for tagging mp3s. I just downloaded the godfather, but i dont know what i did and now all the mp3 are messed up they are not tagged correctly.....please help me im so lost...
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    Taking care of 3G Remote

    Taking care of 3G Remote (Please Help) Hey guys i was wondering if someone can help me out with a prob. My remote for my ipod is all "stained", it has a ring of discoloration around each button i guess from using it too much, i know it can be easily cleaned with some sort of solution..Does...
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    iTunes for Windows....

    Ok, when iTunes comes out for Windows (IF<~~~Big) what are its capabilities, this might be a stupid question but is it going to have AAC capabilities? Because right now im thinking as if i know it will, but im really not sure. Id value anyone's input on this topic. :confused:
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    Re-ripping from 128 to +192kbs

    i have about 5GB of music ripped on my 30gb iPod at 128 kbs, but i have to re-rip everything because the sound is very low (if you have any ideas about that too, please help) and well i know the quality would be better if i ripped everything in 192kbs or more, how much more space would that take...