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    iPad not charging via USB? What about DC powered USB hub?

    Read this article for background: My question is, I have a first gen Mac Intel iMac (the first iMacs that came out using Intel processors a few years back), which I'm assuming doesn't have a high powered USB port because my iPad...
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    2 Iphone Questions (App update + Texting Limit)

    Hey everyone, 1) When do you download updates of programs on your iphone, does iTunes automatically overwrite and erase and previous versions on your hard drive/Itunes? I would assume so since accumulating older versions would be so cumbersome and space/consuming 2) Do you know if/why there is...
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    Syncing Ringtones forces me to erase all music on iphone, why?

    I have a 3g iphone and since my music library on my computer is larger than 16 gig I have my syncing of music to my iphone on manual since i like to drag and drop specific songs I want to hear I recently discovered how to put ringtones on my iphone but I noticed that once I checked on "sync...
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    Ext HD Crashed, music still on to move it back to PC?

    My external HD containing my entire music library has crashed, but fortunately my entire library is also on my ipod. (5G, 30 GIG) Is there a way to get the music from my ipod back onto my PC? I'm afraid when I plug it back into the computer Itunes will start and wipe out what's on my ipod...
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    Dock Like Desk Display?

    I have my Dock at home but would like something to stand my 5G iPod at work on the desk. I could buy a 2nd dock but would like something cheaper. This is pretty nice but overkill: I saw the Podholder at which looks nice but...
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    Any Sites offering free iPod Video Content?

    I know Suicide Girls is, but are there any others? There are TONS of sites offering free PSP content, I'm hoping people start posting formatted videos for the ipod that we can just drag and drop into iTunes without having to do all that converting.
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    Photos: Landscape vs Portrait

    So one of the nice things about the new Photo Ipod is MUCH larger screen; I'll say, I'm really impressed by how sharp, bright, and beautiful photos look on the screen. Problem is, Portrait Photos are going to have big black bars on side by nature of the screen orientation. It's made more for...
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    How to choose the thumbnail preview for Music Videos?

    So it looks like the ipod randomly chooses a thumbnail preview image for music videos; is there a way to choose your own or do it manually?
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    Artwork appears on iTunes but NOT on ipod, why?

    Hey, It is my understanding that when you add artwork using iTunes to your music that it modifies the mp3 itself, and that the artwork is embedded within the mp3 itself. Recently, I reorganized my music library by deleting my library and then refilling it with the same music (most files...
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    How to Delete songs from HD using iTunes?

    Hi, My music collection is all over my hard drive in various folders, different drives, etc., and I just drag and drop them into iTunes for my library. Is there a way to delete the songs from my Hard Drive using iTunes? This would save me the trouble of going to search for where they are on my...
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    Will pics uploaded with Camera Connector show up under Photos?

    If I buy the Camera Connector and use it to upload pics from a camera to my ipod, will I be able to view those photos immediately on the ipod? Does it save it to a new folder? How long does it take to transfer photos roughly, say 1 GIG from a Canon Elph? Is it USB 1.0 speeds? Thanks
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    Cheap dock like device for watching videos on new Ipod?

    I have a dock at home but would like something to hold the new ipod upright on the table when I'm in the library at school to watch videos, etc. Is there a dock type device that will work like a Dock without the sync functionality? I suppose I could just buy another dock and not plug the cable...
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    Any video podcasts available for download yet?

    I noticed the new ipod supports this feature but iTunes doesn't really show any for download yet; has anyone seen any?
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    Any way to Download Movie Trailers from iTunes for Ipod?

    It seems I can only stream them from iTunes.
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    Converted Music Videos Under "Music Videos" and not "Movies?"

    Is there a way to make Converted Music Videos Under "Music Videos" and not "Movies" under iTunes? I converted some videos using Videora but when I import them into iTunes it treats them as Videos and not Music Videos. I tried moving them into Music Videos but it wouldn't let me.
  16. U -- Another new site for skinning your gadgets

    I read about this new site on another forum and was amazed by the selection and the quality; apparently they just opened this week but the site is very professional and the pricing is good. Right now shipping is free too. What amazed me was that they skin just about every fricking gadget known...
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    WTB iSee case for 2nd gen 10 GB IPOD

    WTB iSee case for 2nd gen 10 GB IPOD Please PM or email me at if you got one to sell; I also got DVDs in trade... I'm in the US
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    Best case for a 2nd Gen 10 Gig MacPod?

    I'm getting a new one this Friday and after hearing all the stories about it being a scratch magnet, need a new case asap. I'd like one of those transparent ones since I'd like it to be white like the Unit, kind of like those rubber cases? Are they any good? I need to be able to access the...
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    Getting a NEW IPOD off an online forum, anyway to get extended warranty?

    I recently decided to purchase a new ipod from someone on another online forum. However, now I'm reading about how everyone buys extended warranties since the ipods are known for breaking down after a year or so (or at least have a big chance of doing so). Everyone here raves about Best Buy's...
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    Help me decide on an ipod purchase! (URGENT)

    What do you guys think of a new Mac 10 Gig (v2 not v3) Ipod for $225 shipped? Apparently it's not too hard to convert a mac ipod to a PC ipod...(which is what I'm going to do) My concerns are 1) The conversion to PC version process; this may void the warranty, is it generally safe? Is this the...