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    Can I MANAGE a 1st gen shuffle across TWO computers?

    So, I have done this in the past with my nano, put it on manual management, so no autosyncing, and then attach to a second mac, CANCEL the popup, and the unit shows up and I can SEE the music on it and I can ADD music to it. But, with my shuffle, which I have normally MANUALLY synced with my...
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    With 2g shuffle, is there a way to FF through a podcast?

    So, when I use the 2g shuffle for some podcasts, it takes SOOOO LONGGG to move just a little bit forward, and I have the feeling that so much constant tapping on the FF button is going to wear it out. Is there some undocumented trick for this?
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    shuffle loses songs! What is up with itunes

    So, I tried a search, but nothing came up. When I connect my shuffle to itunes, on imac, I download songs fine, and then disconnect. I LISTEN to these songs fine, and then when I reconnect, the SHUFFLE only shows about half the songs, and the library on the shuffle shows only HALF the songs...
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    best way to have purchased music on more than one machine?

    So, I normally sync my ipodS with a pc, but now have two additional macs. I really want to be able to have my music on ALL machines, even the stuff I purchased. I can VIEW other songs over itunes on a local network, but cannot ADD purchased songs that were on the PC, purchased on the PC to the...
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    Help, mini died and now new mini is not recognized

    So, my mini died, apple replaced it so what is the best way to get the new mini to simply sync with my current itunes, library, and playlists? I just want to get it back to where it was before? thoughts
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    Is there still any reason NOT to use iTunes?

    So, I have been using ipods since there were ipods, and have pretty much always used ephpod for music syncing and playlist creating, but now, ephpod really isn't getting much updating and iTunes at least on the few computers I have put it on for friends and family, seems to be working pretty...
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    How to upgrade Windows Gen 3?

    So, I downloaded the update file, but I cannot get the ipod manager, and or updater to enable the UPDATE button, just the restore button. I did indeed do a restore, just since there were some issues with the ipod, and i could SWEAR that the screen is a bit dimmer now, and contrast not as crisp...
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    Is it normal for a mini to ALWAYS reboot upon disconnect?

    so, connecting to my thinkpad, with USB2.0, I get itunes up, but once I sycn and the the okay to disco check, I disco and get the apple logo, EVERYTIME? Should it always reboot?
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    Gen 2 ipod acting strange, how can I reformat?

    So, this Gen 2 ipod was working fine on my Winxp machine, but not it has volume problems and playback problems. the touchpad stopped working and it crashes often. Is there a virus that can ge ton them? Is there a way to simply reformat and install the OS on the ipod? I cannot find the...
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    How best to pick and choose songs from itunes for mini?

    So, I have a couple of problems with the new mini. first, everytime I disconnect it from my Winxp laptop, it goes to apple logo. Then, when I reconnect it, I get apple logo. Should it be resetting all the time? Second, when I opoened up itunes for the first time, itunes told me that it...
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    What is the best software to use with new mini?

    Is it the itunes, or can I continue to use the ephpod that is still on my desktop? I had a 20GB ipod, but now will use the mini AS WELL. I'd rather not do the itunes route if I can avoid it. Wasn't much clear info, sorry if similar to some other posts. BTW. For those of you with Win 98 and...
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    2nd Gen Mac Pod, in box, sealed for sale 255$

    2nd Gen 10 GB Mac Pod, in box, sealed for sale 255$ I'll ship it anywhere in the us, this one is sealed up tight, bought three weeks ago from Target. If no buyers, I'll just return it later in the week or ebay it. Brand new, nickmdeal is my ebay handle if you want to check out history. Paypal...
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    Volume is pretty low?

    I have a 10 GB Macpod, running it on my PC. Syncing for now with ephpod. When I play my songs on the ipod, it seems that the volume is pretty low. I am at about 7/10s and that is not really loud enough, good listening, but not rockin. If I go to 10, that seems pretty loud, but not REALLY...
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    With old Win Ipod 10 GB what does one get?

    IS the only thing extra, the software and the 4 to 6 FW adaptor? What is that for, and what is it worth?
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    what will I lose if I switch to 1.2.6 PC?

    I have a second gen 10 GB MAC ipod, using it on a pC with ephpod and I guess Macopener. This seems to work all fine, but I guess the macopener applications costs 30$ bones, If I switch to 1.2.6 for windows and reformat the ipod to FAT32, what will I lose functionality wise on the ipod? Will...
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    blue screen of death on PC after IPOD

    After years of happilly using Win 2K and now XP for a year, the only thing that brings on the BSOD is plugging the MAC ipod into my PC via firewire. The whole thing just dies. Anyone have a fix, or workaround? I am using ephpod, and firewire, and 1.2.1 on the MAC version of the ipod. plug it...
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    Any reason to update to 1.2.6, or higher?

    Hi, I have new 10 GB, actually a version II ipod, with 1.2.1 installed. I am using ehphpod to mount it on a PC, so keeping with the Mac formating to begin with. Everything seems to work just fine, question is? Is there any reason to upgrade to 1.2.6, or 1.3? I have read the reports of lower...