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    60gb vs 30gb

    Ok, heres my problem. I AM getting a new iPod, but I dont know which one to get the 30 or 60gb. Considering money isnt an issue, I would like to hear everyone's opinion on which one would be the better buy. I find the 30gb's size extremely attractive, but the nerfed battery life turns me away...
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    PSP formatted AVC Videos with iPod??

    Hi, I was wondering weather or not my PSP formatted AVC MPEG-4 videos will be compatable with the new iPod? The resolution is the same, 320x240.
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    Post Your iPod Ad!

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. 2nd iPod Ad I've made... haha
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    Agent 18 Click Shield Pics

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Ok, today I went to my local Apple Store and saw the Agent18 Click Shield case. I heard about the iSee scratch problem and the back orders for it so I decided to try this out. I just have to say that this is by far the BEST case I...
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    Great place to get your eVo2's

    Hey everyone, I ordered my iSkin eVo2 2 days ago from and it just shipped, and from what I hear thats good. I ordered a 20GB Sonic and the grand total came out to be $34.84
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    iSkin eVo2 question...

    ok, I got my old 3g 15gb back in the day and i ordered an arctic iSkin from (when lajo and iSjin were still together). The case was great! I even dropped it from about 4 feet onto concrete and the iPod was fine, no dents, nothing. Also no visible damage was shown on the iSkin. My...
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    Contour Showcase Width???

    ok, I am considering buying a Contour Showcase for my 4G I just got and was wondering how much thicker it maked the iPod? Does anyone possible have a comerison shot with the iPod next to the case? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Crash Problem :(

    iTunes is great!!! to bad that whenever I try to change or alter my track ID3 tags, the error message comes up saying i need to end the program. Then it closes...This is very annoying!!! I send an error report every time too. Otherwise iTunes is GREAT, anyone else have this prob or knows how...
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    OMFG I pre-ordered my iSkin July took them 2 months and 1 week to finally get it to me...but they left out my screen protector and macclear zip case. I've e-mailed them 5 times and still no reply...They are the worst buisness ever created. Every iSkin reseller except their dumb #####...
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    Lajo...iSkin Problem

    Well, I've been using my new white frost iSkin for a little bit and there is something very wierd going on. Whenever I have my iskin on, it's like the track forward button is bieng held down because it starts skipping tracks mysteriously. This doesn't occur while the iSkin is off though. I've...
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    Yes!!! I Got It!!!

    FINALLY after over 2 months of waiting, I finally got my iSkin exo in white frost! Wow it s cool!!! It's perfect and it doesn't make the iPod very much bigger. Everything is perfectly molded to fit the iPod PERFECTLY. Everyone who was complaining about the hold switch, think of it this way...
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    Seems they FINALLY shipped my iskin, but without my macclear and screen protector! WTF?! I ORDERED THIS THING ON JULY 1st!!! Hello ******** ********, Your iSkin order has shipped. Below is your order information and tracking number.You may visit the the courier?s web site to track your order...
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    i ordered my white frost iskin from a LOOONG time ago and i still havent gotten a shipment confirmation. WHATS THE DEAL?!
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    This exo case color...

    Isn't the color everyone is looking for that's on "" skylight [GLO]??? people are saying blue mist but that looks baby blue other people are saying carribean blue but I dont even see that, but skylight looks most like it. comments???
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    iTrip Question

    Is there a Headphone jack on the iTrip? Can You actually listen to radio on your iPod Through the iTrip?
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    iTunes Skin for MMJB

    Heres a nice iTunes Skin for those of you stuck using Musicmatch Jukebox. Using this will make it feel less painful =] Click Here
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    1Month old 3rd Gen 15GB iPod for Sale

    I have a new iPod I'm selling for $300. There are some minor scratches around the edges of the white part but nothing that seriously bad. It come's with all of the accessories including the box, instructions, case, CD, Remote, headphones, dock, firewire cable, foam bud pads, port covers, and...
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    Selling my 15gb iPod

    I need to sell my iPod for personal reasons (I'll buy a new one when I get my money back again) and was wondering if anyone would like to buy it? It's $325 for my 15gb 3rd Gen iPod. There some scratches on the front but you cant really tell unless you look for them. If anyone would like to...
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    My Sad Sad Sad Story...

    Well, here begins my sad story. One day I was walking at school very happy listening to my new iPod (that I got a couple of weeks ago). It is inside the case taht came with it which I was planning on replacing with the iSkin when it's released. I decided to clip it onto my belt. The thing is...