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    Windows 98/USB 1 Question

    I have a 3rd gen 20gb iPod that I would like to hook up to a laptop so that I can use it as an external hard drive to store data on as the laptop's hard drive alone is inadequate. The laptop has Windows 98 and no firewire, only USB. Is there anyway for me to use it? I bought iPod connector to...
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    iTunes Playback Problems

    I just downloaded the Windows version of iTunes last night. So far I've been rather underwhelmed. The biggest issue that I have with it is that on many of my songs, playback seems to stutter. Its rather strange. It will get stuck on the same sound and play it back two or three times before...
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    When to trade the G2 in?

    When I first got my 20gb G2 iPod I went to CompUSA and got a TAP warranty for it. That was in April and my warranty will be up April of 04. The receipt says that I paid 350 for it, so I will get that in store credit towards a new iPod when my old one "breaks". My question is, when would be...
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    For Sale: 2nd Gen 20gb CHEAP

    I have a 20gb second generation iPod up on Ebay right now. It is SEALED. It is currently going for 177.50 - CHEAP! I have not set a reserve for this item. The auction ends in eight hours so hurry and bid now! Hurry!
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    20gb Will Not Charge From PC

    Sorry if this has been covered in a recent post, but I searched and did not find anything. Anyway, I have a 6 pin firewire card and the iPod cable but I cannot get the iPod to recharge while it is plugged into the PC. I am running Windows XP. Isn't it supposed to charge if its plugged into a...
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    FS: Sealed 2nd Gen 20gb

    I have one sealed 20gb iPod for sale. I'm asking 320 plus shipping, but if you feel that is too high, let me know what would be right for you. Email me at I can include the Dell invoice if you plan to buy a TAP warranty for it. This still has the plastic wrapping over...
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    TAP Lament

    Ahh... so I finally recieved my touch wheel 20gb Winpod today in the mail. I paid 320 for it from a guy over the internet, so naturally there was no receipt. So I get home today, open up the box and there it is, still sealed and everything. First thing, I go up to CompUSA. They will not sell...