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    sync interruptus! ipod now "empty"?

    My iTunes Music file was on external HD and rest of itunes is on C. I plugged my ipod into computer to recharge and, unbeknownst to me, it automatically opened up itunes with default C (because I hadn't plugged in my ext HD) and started synchronising with the C iTunes which has an empty iTunes...
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    podcasts gone after migrating to new computer

    I have transferred to a new computer, the songs and podcasts are in EXT D:/ (which is set as the default) and I have managed to get my songs but podcasts seem to have disappeared. All the folders are there but they are empty. I know the files are there on my D drive and they were all listed (and...
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    smartplaylist solution to ridding !! doesn't work

    podcasts disappeared! I have just transferred all my iTunes Music to a new computer, I seem to have the music but the podcasts have disappeared. How can I get them to appear on my new computer. They are on my EXT harddrive, along with my music (which I have). I already have it set to D in...
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    iTunes on new computer doesn't recognize songs from External HD

    Hi, I'm in the process of transferring my iTunes to a new computer and have some difficulty. I moved all the old iTunes files, including the .itl file to C:\Users\myname\Music\iTunes on my new computer and THEN downloaded/installed iTunes. After installation, I can't find the .itl file in...
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    transferring itunes music to new comp. can't consolidate files, etc

    Hi, my old computer stopped recognizing my external HD (which contained MOST of my song files)so I have SOME files on the default C:/ itunes music file and I am unable to consolidate before moving to my new computer (which I've never done before btw). So, I ripped the...